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LEGO® Mixels Designer Challenge 2 Build an Awesome Mixels Moon Mix

stuff you can do:

request mixes and murps,request fake mixels,mixel tribes.status:open

stuff you can not do:

make mean coments to me.

criticize my mixes mixels and murps.

random picture:

Slumbo&flain murp pose.png


LEGO MIXELS GLURT and JAWG MIX or MURP? With Lego 41519 and Lego 41514


LEGO MIXELS LUNK and GLOMP MIX or MURP? With Lego 41510 and Lego 41518

41515 Kraw 600x408 278x185.jpg
Hoogi animation.gif

Nixel Mix Over Mixels Cartoon Network


LEGO MIXELS HOOGI and FLAIN MIX or MURP ? With Lego 41523 and Lego 41500


LEGO MIXELS MAGNIFO and ZAPTOR MIX or MURP ? With Lego 41525 and Lego 41507


LEGO MIXELS TORTS and SLUMBO MIX or MURP ? With Lego 41520 and Lego 41509


LEGO MIXELS SCORPI and FLURR MIX or MURP ? With Lego 41522 and Lego 41511


LEGO MIXELS FOOTI and TESLO MIX or MURP ? With Lego 41521 and Lego 41506


Mixels - Season 3, Episode 2 "Murp Romp"

Niksput LEGO Animation.gif

LEGO MIXELS GLOMP and VULK MIX or MURP ? With Lego 41518 and Lego 41501


LEGO MIXELS KRAW and TENTRO MIX with Lego 41515 and Lego 41516 Mixels Serie 2

Niksput + Magnifo Mix LEGO.png
Niksput Magnifo Mix.png
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