aka Gabriel B.

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on August 24
  • My occupation is I go on the internet
  • I am Male

I like to go to the Wikia community. I also make YouTube videos. I like gaming. My favorite games are Undertale and Super Smash Bros.

My Mixsona

Shockriel is a nice and ambitious Mixel. He can be smart, yet he is not so above it all. Shockriel can use his hands to zap opponents, use EMP fields to gather or throw out objects, and charge electronics.

My brother as a Mixel

Danpere, my brother's Mixsona

Danpere, my brother's Mixsona.

My brother is a fan of Mixels as well. He has even made a Mixsona. (I drew him on MS Paint because my brother isn't good at drawing on Paint) The Mixsona's name is Danpere.


  • Icon
  • Hate comment reaction.
  • Shockriel as my (former) Smash Bros. main, Ness (from Earthbound)
  • Shockriel as my current Smash Bros. Main, Fox (from Star Fox)
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