aka noob

  • I live in despacito
  • I was born on December 8
  • My occupation is memes
  • I am gorl

Hullo there, remember me?

My name is Anamaria, but please call me Mixjestic, Mixie, Anamix or whatever ya want. I just joined the Wikia because I wanna see mah friends here and YOU guys! ~ I may not post some pictures or articles or whatever, I may do it. Maybe someday or later I should plan doing a Humixels Wiki (If ya guys want).

Hope you see my deviantART too! ~

Facts you should know about Mixjestic

  • When she overcharges, she goes "MlXJ3STlC.exe has stopped working".
  • She's the one who should be the Humixels show creator.
  • She may overract sometimes (watch out or this).
  • She can come on chat happy or sad for some reason.
  • She's NOT a genius.
  • When she listens to music, she also dances so she can imagine.
  • She tries to cheer up people/ the chat here.
  • She HATES getting a kick or a ban, but she tries to be a good user as long as she tries to not spam and other stuff.
  • She can cry easly/ is sensitive.
  • She doesn't like to be called a "he".
  • She does sharp-chin art, so don't bother her by keep telling her to do curved chins. >:T
  • Oh and... you hurt Dori, Mixjestic turns savage.
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