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Hi, I'm Erica (please refer to me as Mini or any of the misspells, I'm not too comfy with people addressing me by my real name) I draw, chat, and tweet. I'm also an expert on SEER

besides Tweeter and here, I also use dA

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(Nanobug, my non-fandom character)

Joined Wiki May 10, 2014
Age 15
Tribe Cake
Wiki Position Chat Mod, Chat's Mother, Second Banana, apparent ""chief chat moderator"
Likes Drawing, SLEEP, Vocaloid, editing, Wikia in general, all the Chinaloids writing, food, Pepsi, SEER, NEXO Knights, Bei Mei, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, Orca, did I mention food? Emergency!, Columbo, M*A*S*H, Chipspeech, Alter/Ego, having tons of avatars, Show by Rock!!, stuffed crust pizza, tea, SEER AUs, AUs in general, roleplaying, PIANO, witch AUs!!, spongebob, eating cake, shipping seer characters
Dislikes Art / Writing block, NO SLEEP, drama between friends, ppl who get annoying, hypocrites(but I'm one too?), my art not turning out good, nothing to edit, not knowing how to code, stress, my cake family being cut up, badly tuned Vocaloid, being blamed for stuff i never did, physical sickness, being hungry when there's no food, my real life family

Let's Take Notes

  • every once in awhile I'll come into chat saying something random, most of the time it's just a snippet of lyrics
  • It is rare to see me editing mainspace here.
  • I disappear at random.
  • I tend to talk and write about..well, not SFW things...a lot, well.
    • Despite that, I'm still a normal user who sits in chat and screams and occasionally edits
  • I can get really confused at times, so if I misunderstand something, I will correct myself and apologize 300 times about it
  • I loooove any music that's catchy to me
  • The shows I love are all varied and different. From 19s shows, to Chinese cartoons nearly nobody knows about, to this show, to many others.
  • i need sleep
Mailmen (Chat Moderators)

ChillyFreeze / RainbowllisticChrotorm / JoshTheKnife / MlNlCUPCAKE / Sprinkles257 / PoolPyro / DeKrogMination / Graham02

You are??

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  • Bread boy is a precious cinnamon roll - pie lord potato man
  • SEER is cool ~ Alt 2.0

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