aka MFloras

  • I live in Indonesia
  • I was born on July 14
  • I am Female
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Hello there, MFlora's here

Welcome to my page, feel free to see this unique userpage by me "MixelsFloras"

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MixelsFloras has once been the Mixel of the Month! Cheers for them!

Things About Me & Trivia

Scorpi Jump
  • I like to watch adventure time, regular show, ninjago and of course, Mixels.
  • I really like mixels because there are cute, funny and colorful.
  • My hobby is drawing, Lego build, designing and chatting
  • I can't live without imagination.
  • Sometimes when i was bored, i like to imagine about mixels.
  • Cats and kitties are my favorite animals.
  • I have a very good sense of humor.
  • My favorite colors is Magenta, deep pink, & white.
  • I don't really like people who make any humiliating or creepy artwork about mixels.
  • I really want to have a nice friend or best friends.
  • I always search some inspiration for my artwork.
  • My favorite font text in Ms.Word & Wikia is Pen Tweaks One SSi.
  • I have a DA account now. If you want to see my Mixels art, click here.

My Favorite Mixels From Each Series

NN Young
  • Series 1 : Flain
  • Series 2 : Flurr
  • Series 3 : Footi
  • Series 4 : Nurp-Naut
  • Series 5 : Snoof
  • Series 6 : Wuzzo

My Favorite Mixels From Each Tribe


  • Infernites 2014Go to flain
  • Cragsters
  • Electroids
  • Frosticons 2014
  • Fang Gang
  • Flexers
  • Glorp Corp 2014
  • Spikels
  • Wiztastic
  • Glowkies
  • Orbitons
  • Infernite 2015
  • Klinkers
  • Frosticons 2015
  • Lixers
  • Weldos
  • Glorp Corp 2015
  • Munchos

My Favorite Mixels Episodes

I really like them all, but if i have to choose, it would be Nixels, Rockball, Mailman, and Mixed Up Special "Murp Romp" episodes. Why ?

  • Nixels : It's so cool to see Flain & Seismo Mix to fight annoying Nixels.
  • Mailman : Whac-A-Cragsters scane. So funny !


  • Rockball : It's so nice to see Flain and the other playing a new game called MixelsBall, and another one of my favorite part is "Don't You Believe It!!!" (Velectro memorable quote)
  • Mixed Up Special "Murp Romp" : Scorpi cute scane and "Abra-Cawacka-Doodle! Aaaaagh!!! (Burnt to ashes)" (Magnifo memorable quote)
  • Mixels: Moon Madness : ♪Don’t pull the plug! ♪ LOL XD
  • A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig : Mind blowing! and also all Mixels from the previous episodes are here!

My Favorite Mix, Max, & Murp

  • Favorite Mix
  • Favorite Max
  • Favorite Murp
  • Mix, Flain & Seismo mix in "Nixels" episode. Why ? So cool and awesome! With abilities that can creates a lava geyser that instantly shoots lava out of the earth when this Mix stomps the ground.
  • Max, Infernites 2014! Why? That's because they have an awesome abilities like can run extremely fast or breathe fire.
  • Murp? Glurt & scorpi murp in Mixed Up Special "Murp Romp" I know it's the most dangerous Murp with abilities that can slice anything up with ease or get anything slimy just by running over it. But, it's kinda cute Murp.

My Nickname

I got this nickname from friends, school, and also on my courses.

  1. Mixels-Fan
  2. Artist
  3. Chinese girl
  4. MFloras
  5. MF

Because :

  1. I like Mixels of course ;D Some of my friends call me that.
  2. Finnaly, I got my artist badge! Now, my teacher call me " The artist "
  3. My face is somewhat similiar to chinese because i'm having some chinese blood from my father. (Actually, i don't really like if someone called me with that nickname. So, don't call me that okay? )
  4. My nickname on DA account, Click here
  5. Nickname's on the chat.

My Mixels OC's

Cookironi TRANS
  1. Glassycops

My Sandbox

Check out my sandbox Here ;)

My Image/Picture Info

  • Do you see that pink cloud cubit, i used pink color and my country traditional pattern called "Batik" and the name is Mega Mendung or in english is Mega Cloudy to decorate the cubit. Click here for more information about "Batik" | 16:31, December 31, 2014 (UTC)
  • The first post on my gallery was the Mixels Hoodie. It's not real design on Hoodie, however i really like to design them. It's kinda fun for me | 15:04, January 6, 2015 (UTC)
  • I draw the S5 and S6. So, it's not a real official image | 14:22, February 25, 2015 (UTC)

My Artwork & Designs

Something That I Got From Other Users

I call it Bogo Bogo!

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Thank you for viewing my userpage ;)

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