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Everyday Im SHUFFeling!
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Infernites Max Silver Badge

Basic information

Hi, my name is Mixel (not because of the series, my nickname was Mixel even when Mixels dont existed, so please don't call me "Sark" but MixelSark or MS) and I like Mixels (The More You Know), Bionicle franchise blah blah blah. When I edit some pages - I usually add some Trivia facts and sometimes some other content. You can know me from other medias such as youtube.


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Requests : Open - Cartoon OC's to LEGO, sometimes Mixes and Murps.

If you want a request, leave it here: Message_Wall:MixelSark 

Cool facts about me

  • I'm 17 (time passes fast huh, when I joined I was 13)
  • I wear glasses.
  • I'm really short.
  • My favourite Mixels are Lunk, Torts, Hoogi, Rokit, Forx, Zaptor and Chilbo.
  • My nickname was made even when Mixels didn't exist.
  • My favorite Lego theme is Bionicle.
  • I'm creating OC's by building them in LDD or IRL, I don't have skill in drawing.
  • I love South Park! I have watched about 20-30 episodes and play the game for about 32 hours.
  • My favourite types of food are soups, meats and fast foods, but I'm not eating much of FF's.
  • I want to become a Rollback one day.
  • I'm really creative and I have a good imagination
  • I have 7 yrs old sister that likes Mixels too!

My signaturds:

Ducky Momo Ate My Promo

Fronklin da Tortol


Mixel Sark

Other medias and games you can find me on

Facebook - mixelsark

Youtube - MixelSark or MS - Mixels and More! (2nd channel for recording videos)

Gmail - or

Skype - mixel.sark

deviantArt - Mixel148

League of Legends - Rokoszok

Steam - mixelsark

Favourite Mixels, from most to least favourite

Infernites 2014: Vulk-Zorch-Flain

Cragsters: Krader-Seismo-Shuff

Electroids: Zaptor-Volcetro-Teslo

Frosticons 2014: Lunk-Slumbo-Flurr

Fang Gang: Gobba-Chomly-Jawg

Flexers: Balk-Tentro-Kraw

Glorp Corp: Torts-Glomp-Glurt

Spikels: Footi-Hoogi-Scorpi

Wiztastics: Mesmo-Wizwuz-Magnifo

Infernites 2015: Burnard-Flamzer-Meltus

Orbitons: Rokit-Niksput-Nurp-Naut

Glowkies: Boogly-Globert-Vampos

Frosticons 2015: Krog-Chilbo-Snoof

Lixers: Turg-Tungster-Spugg

Klinkers: Jinky-Kamzo-Gox

Glorp Corp 2015: Slusho-Dribbal-Gurggle

Weldos: Forx-Kramm-Wuzzo


MCPD: Kuffs-Tiketz-Busto

Mixies: Jamzy-Trumpsy-Tapsy

Medivals: Mixadel-Camillot-Paladum

Favourite Mixels by series

Series 1: Zaptor

Series 2: Lunk

Series 3: Torts

Series 4: Rokit

Series 5: Chillbo

Series 6: Forx

Series 7: Kuffs

All time favourite: Lunk

Mixels that I have:

Series 1: None

Series 2: None

Series 3: Whole Glorp Corp, Hoogi, Footi

Series 4: Everyone except Globert

Series 5: Completed the whole Series

Series 6: Completed the whole Series

Series 7: Completed the whole Series

Series 8: Skulzy, Sharx, Aquad, Hydro, Skrubz and Tuth

My sister's Mixel Collection

Series 1: None

Series 2: None

Series 3: None

Series 4: Nurp-Naut

Series 5: Tungster

Series 6: Snax, Forx, Vaka-Waka, Dribbal

Series 7: Tiketz

Series 8: Lewt and Surgeo

Users I like

Favourite episodes

  1. Quest for the Mixamajig is the most epic Mixels episode, having battle with King Nixel and many new characters. The plot was fun too, and the personality's of the characters were cool.
  2. Every Knight Has Its Day is my second favourite episode. It is the recent one, with cool characters and action. Many background characters were introduced such as Booger but it hits me so hard that Tapsy, Trumpsy and MCPD has such a limited appearance (Tapsy didn't even appeared in the episode at all!)
  3. Mixel Moon Madness is one of the longest and the best episodes, introducing new tribes from S4
  4. Murp Romp is an episode that sticks apart from the crowd, it is not a short nor a special , and I love the appearence of S3 tribes.
  5. Epic Comedy Adventure is a very good and funny episode, many new Mixes and first appearence of S3 tribes.

News (created at 06/04/15)

18/2/2015 - I joined to Mixels community and to Mixels Wiki

-/-/2015 - I made 200 edits.

7/4/15 - I'm in first 50 in ranking!

12/4/15 - I hit 300 edits !

23/4/15 - I hit 400 edits ^^

25/4/15 - I'm in first 40 in ranking!

[29/4/15] - I MADE 500 EDITS!

[9/5/15] - I have 1k points from badges!

10/5/15 - \(._.)/ 600 edits \(._.)/

25/5/15 - 300 edits moar to 1k

06/06/15 - 1+1=800 EDITS

-/06/15 - Fak, forgot to put that I made 900 EDITS

![28/06/15]! - !!!!!!!!!!!!!! THOUSAND EDITS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/07/15 - Eleven Hundred Edits boing!

My OC's

Series 1




Series 2

Forestures (credit to Bombegranite123 for the name)

Waterlies (credit to LuqmanulhakimTheGreat2003 for the name)


Series 3

Kookerz (credit to Tungster830 for the name and idea)


Plumber Pack (credit to TFFK for the idea of the tribes name)

Series 4

Crystalites 2.0



Series 5

Bugglers 2.0

Fancy Flyers

Horn Herd

Series 6

Plasmites 2.0



Series 7

Speedsters 2.0


Cloud Company

Series 8

Swamp Squad



Series 9




Series 10

Bubblenauts (tribe made by Flainfood20 - these are only my additions)

Forestures 2.0


Additional tribes

Additional Glorp Corp

Additional Glorp Corp 2.0

Additional Wiztastics

Additional Weldos

Additional Munchos

Additional Glowkies

Additional Lixers

Additional Klinkers

Additional Klinkers 2.0

Additional Frosticons

Additional Lixers 2.0

Additional Glorp Corp 3.0Additional Infernites

Maxes (from newest to oldest)

Cartoon Versions

by Bombegranite123

by PredsparkDrazor

by Dadaw

by Graham02

by MixelJacobo101

by FlainStorm


by 25kubalok

by The-Adventure-Krog

If I forgot to mention someone or someones creation, feel free to tell me that on my Message Wall!

So, this is the end of my User Page, thank you for viewing it ! ~ MS

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