aka That guy who always on multiple hiatuses

  • I live in Exosphere
  • My occupation is Continue my journey liking mixels, yoyoing, being a weirdo in the night
  • I am making awkward edits

Who am i?

Hello, My name is MixelRemix246. I live in the Philipines. I was joining the Mixels Wiki just for fun. This account was made since the show was about to cancel. But as a Mixels fan, i will still live with them even they were discontinued, because i love the way their things and mixing is and its discontinuation won't tear my relationship with the Mixels, my heart is made from finding love to other cartoon shows, but Mixels is the true love i always wanted, so it's love is permanent (k that part, absolute confirmed). Here is the list of my favorites about Mixels:

Characters(About the personality, Physical Appearance,etc.):

  • Flain (about his intellegence)
  • Globert (his mind-control powers and voice)
  • Jamzy (his tribe's element)
  • Camillot and Mixadel (their voices)
  • Booger (his coordinated group dancing)
  • Nindjas (the tribe itself)


  • NIxels
  • Mixels haters
  • The show cancelled

How i get the name (MixelRemix246)

I somehow love to listen to remixes, especially Steven Universe, Undertale, etc. One of my favorite remixer is VGR (Video Game Remixes), never heard of him? Go and subscribe him in youtube, you'll somehow get into his remixes.

Oh! One more thing...

I'm still going to be in this wiki for a long time even the end of Mixels because I did not noticed this wiki until now. I'm staying here cuz' my profile was created since 2016 so that is the reason I have to stay with the wiki.

My favorite pages

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