aka Swegg

  • I live in Halcandra
  • My occupation is Future ruler of the universe
  • I am an egg-cat
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You've been given a Wadloo! A Wadloo is a cute little Mixel who is always beeping around, always curious to see what you're doing and he's total cuteness overload! Enjoy your new pet and show him off on your user page!

Previously known as Hydreigon6507.

I actually got into Mixels recently (in about March 2015), and it was my younger brother, who is a bit too young to get an account here, who got me into it. I have Asperger's Syndrome, so I may get upset a little easily, though I do not usually show it too much, and I am also rather shy. My other interests include Pokemon, Kirby, and Minecraft.

Sparklee remake

My Mixsona, Sparklee.
Joined Wiki June 6, 2015
Age 19
Tribe Electroids
Wiki Position User
Gender Female
Likes See above.
Dislikes Spam

Bullies Trolls FNaF Romance novels, especially the kind involving sparkly vampires Romance stuff in general Inappropriate fan art

Quote "Hello. :)"

My Favorite Mixels From Each Tribe

  • Infernites 1.0- Vulk
  • Electroids- Teslo
  • Cragsters- Shuff
  • Frosticons 1.0- Flurr
  • Fang Gang- Gobba
  • Flexers- Tentro
  • Glorp Corp 1.0- Torts
  • Spikels- Scorpi
  • Wiztastics- Wizwuz
  • Infernites 2.0- Burnard
  • Orbitons- Nurp-Naut
  • Glowkies- Vampos
  • Frosticons 2.0- Chilbo
  • Klinkers- Gox
  • Lixers- Spugg
  • Glorp Corp 2.0- Slusho
  • Weldos- Wuzzo
  • Munchos- Berp
  • MCPD- Busto
  • Medivals- Camillot
  • Mixies- Tapsy

My Top Favorites

My top four favorite Tribes are the Wiztastics, Orbitons, Infernites 2.0, and Electroids. My favorite Mixels are Wizwuz, Nurp-Naut, and Burnard, in no particular order.

My LDD Creations

My OC Tribes

My Series 1

Tail Troop



Custom Electroids

Custom Infernites

Custom Cragsters

My Series 2



Custom Frosticons

Custom Flexers (Under Construction)

Custom Fang Gang

My Series 3

Custom Glorp Corp

Custom Spikels (Under Construction)

Custom Wiztastics (Under Construction)

My Series 4

Custom Orbitons (Under Construction)

Custom Glowkies (Under Construction)

My Mixes and Murps

Glomp, Hoogi, Wizwuz, Rokit, Meltus, Boogly, Jinky, Krog, and Turg Murp

Torts, Scorpi, Footi, Vampos, Gox, and Tungster Mix

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