Meester Feesh

  • I live in The Ocean
  • I was born on May 18
  • My occupation is MLG Swagmaster
  • I am A Feesh
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My Erotic (JK) Fanfics

I love to make comics. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to put them on here so instead I type them up as transcripts.

By the way, unless it's purposefully supposed to be a joke, I consider everything I make canon. I built up like a little storyline for the show out of the preexisting shorts and my fanfics. I love to make storylines. All the best shows have them.

Return of the King

King Nixel has returned to take his revenge on the citizens of Mixopolis, and it's up to Camillot and his friends to stop him!

Time Travel Adventure

On a trip to the Mixel Moon, the Frosticon Cousins accidentally stumble onto the Orbitons' new invention and discover a range of new tribes!

My Youtube Channel

This is where I post videos, sometimes about Mixels, sometimes just random crap that I make when I'm bored. Remember to like and subscribe so I can make more people cringe.

My Mixsona Invunt



Worship the almighty Invunt and may he look upon you with a stare of MLG prowess.
PD Cartoon Invunt

PD's version

PIC 0240

Teh Originool

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