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Oie transparent (2).png About MaxCrumblyRocks...

MaxCrumblyRocks has once been the Mixel of the Month! Cheers for them!

Hello there, what should i say? welcome to my userpage.

Thanks, FS.
Joined Wiki October 15 2014
Age 15
Tribe Robloxain Friendy
Wiki Position Normal User
Gender Male
Likes Mixels (DUH)

Fairly Odd Parents LEGO Pizza (my favorite food)

Dislikes Sonic.exe

My haters Mixels haters Fairly Odd Parents haters (WHY?!)

Quote Wello.

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Mixes and Murp

First mixel Second mixel Image Mix or Murp?
Kramm Jinky



Kramm Jinky




Do you have any mixels?

My Cyber Form/Cartoon Form/Icon Max/Mixes that i requested

My OC's

My Fan-Series 1:

Robloxain Friendy


Todd (Leader)



DJ Stepters

My Fan-Series 2:


MCCW (Mixopils City Car Workshop)


My Fan-Series 3:




My Fan-Series 4:


Robloxain Friendy Cousins

Riddle Mix


Robloxain Friendy MAX

Eddsearth MAX

Background Mixels:

Eddsearth Background Mixels


Edd Gould Cherri Mix, Thomas Ridgewell Summer Mix and Matt Hargreaves Saharat Mix

Fairly Odd Mixes

Name Normal Cartoon Cyber LEGO
Timothy Tiberius Turner (AKA Timmy Turner) Timothy Tiberius Turner (Normal Version) Timothy Tiberius Turner (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Baseball Player Timothy Tiberius Turner (LEGO Version)
Cosmo Julius Cosma Cosmo Julius Cosma (Normal Version) Cosmo Julius Cosma (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Plane Cosmo Julius Cosma (LEGO Version)
Wanda Venus-Fairywinkle-Cosma Wanda Venus-Fairywinkle-Cosma (Normal Version) Wanda Venus-Fairywinkle-Cosma (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Eagle Wanda Venus-Fairywinkle-Cosma (LEGO Version)
Poof Fairywinkle-Cosma Poof Fairywinkle-Cosma (Normal Version) Poof Fairywinkle-Cosma (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Bat Poof Fairywinkle-Cosma (LEGO Version)
Mrs. Turner Mrs. Turner (Normal Version) Mrs. Turner (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Superhero Mrs. Turner (LEGO Version)
Mr. Turner Mr. Turner (Normal Version) Mr. Turner (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Golf Player Mr. Turner (LEGO Version)
Vicky Vicky (Normal Version) Vicky (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Chainsaw Vicky (LEGO Version)
Tootie Tootie (Normal Version) Tootie (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Bee Tootie (LEGO Version)
Trixie Tang Trixie Tang (Normal Version) Trixie Tang (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Werewolf Trixie Tang (LEGO Version)
Veronica Veronica (Normal Version) Veronica (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Cheerleader Veronica (LEGO Version)
Chloe Carmichael Chloe Carmichael (Normal Version) Chloe Carmichael (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Rabbit Chloe Carmichael (LEGO Version)
Missy Missy (Normal Version) Missy (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Princess Missy (LEGO Version)
Francis Francis (Normal Version) Francis (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Bull Francis (LEGO Version)
Chester McBadbat Chester McBadbat (Normal Version) Chester McBadbat (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Roadheader Chester McBadbat (LEGO Version)
A.J. A.J. (Normal Version) A.J. (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Robot A.J. (LEGO Version)
Sanjay Sanjay (Normal Version) Sanjay (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Dragonfly Sanjay (LEGO Version)
Elmer Elmer (Normal Version) Elmer (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Fridge Elmer (LEGO Version)
Chad Chad (Normal Version) Chad (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Limousine Chad (LEGO Version)
Tad Tad (Normal Version) Tad (Cartoon Version) Cyber: John Egbert Tad (LEGO Version)
Remy Buxaplenty Remy Buxaplenty (Normal Version) Remy Buxaplenty (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Tiger Remy Buxaplenty (LEGO Version)
Juandissimo Magnifico Juandissimo Magnifico (Normal Version) Juandissimo Magnifico (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Gorilla Juandissimo Magnifico (LEGO Version)
Anti-Cosmo Anti-Julius Anti-Cosma Anti-Cosmo Anti-Julius Anti-Cosma (Normal Version) Anti-Cosmo Anti-Julius Anti-Cosma (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Demon Anti-Cosmo Anti-Julius Anti-Cosma (LEGO Version)
Anti-Wanda Anti-Venus Anti-Fairywinkle-Anti-Cosma Anti-Wanda Anti-Venus Anti-Fairywinkle-Anti-Cosma (Normal Version) Anti-Wanda Anti-Venus Anti-Fairywinkle-Anti-Cosma (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Vacuum Anti-Wanda Anti-Venus Anti-Fairywinkle-Anti-Cosma (LEGO Version)
Foop Anti-Cosma-Anti-Fairywinkle Foop Anti-Cosma-Anti-Fairywinkle (Normal Version) Foop Anti-Cosma-Anti-Fairywinkle (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Tank Foop Anti-Cosma-Anti-Fairywinkle (LEGO Version)
Alyssa Alyssa (Normal Version) Alyssa (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Cat Alyssa (LEGO Version)
Lauren Ledergerber Lauren Ledergerber (Normal Version) Lauren Ledergerber (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Handheld Buzzsaw Lauren Ledergerber (LEGO Version)
Mark Chang Mark Chang (Normal Version) Mark Chang (Cartoon Version) Cyber: UFO Mark Chang (LEGO Version)
Denzel Quincy Crocker Denzel Quincy Crocker (Normal Version) Denzel Quincy Crocker (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Computer Denzel Quincy Crocker (LEGO Version)
Principal Geraldine Waxelplax Principal Geraldine Waxelplax (Normal Version) Principal Geraldine Waxelplax (Cartoon Version) Cyber: Bird Principal Geraldine Waxelplax (LEGO Version)
Episode Name Title Card Episode Scene 1 Episode Scene 2
The Big Problem! The Big Problem! (Title Card) The Big Problem! Scene 1 The Big Problem! Scene 2
Just the Two of Us! Just the Two of Us! (Title Card) Just the Two of Us! Scene 1 Just the Two of Us! Scene 2


Well, this is the end, see ya soon and thanks for viewing my userpage. :)