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She is energetic, curious and sweet-natured. She is cheerful and would make great friends with other Mixels. However, the ice and slime on her wings make it difficult for her to really soar high. She never stops trying though. And when she does get airborne, she often misses the obvious right in front of her, but she can spot Nixels from a distance.

Simply, Flurr's personality + Slusho's personality = Annette's

Physical Appearance

Annette is mostly aquamarine and dark stale blue in color. Her face is aquamarine with a defined dark stale blue jaw. Her nostrils are prominent. Her head is connected to her body by a gray neck. She has a body similar to Slusho's, with a dark stale blue back and the remainder aquamarine. She has a pair of dragonfly wings covered in ice and slime similar to Slusho's. She has a tail similar to Slusho's that is dark stale blue with one end gray and with three teal spikes and an ice tail tip similar to Flurr's. Her feet are aquamarine with two white claws and are connected to her body with gray legs.


Annette has the ability of using her wings to fly and run.


Early life

Little is known about Annette's early life. However, she managed to make friends with other Mixels.


Her name is a real-world feminine name.


Their home land is in a doghouse whose interior resembles a large-sized apartment (similar to Snoopy's doghouse). Their Max is a shark-like creature that resembles Sharkshawa the most.

  • Sharkshawa: The leader with a sense of intelligence, his bark, his teeth and his ball-end tail are helpful in scaring away Nixels. Sharkshawa was inspired by the Sharky the Sharkdog character from "Eek! The Cat". His name is a combination of Sharky's name and Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. His signature quote, "it never hurts to help!", is also of "Eek! The Cat" origin.
  • Sealson: His great red nose allows him to sniff trouble from miles away, but it can also cause him to get into trouble.
  • Bouncy: Though he most likely jumps around for hours with his springy legs, he also eats so much he you'll more likely see him sitting on the toilet.


Their home land is filled with giant pieces of candy and gingerbread houses. Their Max most resembles Cannett.

  • Ally: His big mouth and many teeth certainly don't help him get away from having all those treats!
  • Sweetz: A cute little Mixel who actually can lecture on for hours and claims to know more than he really knows.
  • Cannett: He can fly around the Candycon Land in search of great food.

Mech Gang

Their home land is a toy house yet all three members are the average Mixel size. Their Max most resembles Conesy.

  • Conesy: The cute, little leader. His "mouth" is just a big cone-shaped thing on his face. NOTE: Conesy was adopted from the Deviantart user MatrixStyle101.
  • Weddy: Resembles a wind-up teddy bear. NOTE: Weddy was adopted from the Deviantart user kileythepenguin12, but the original colors were changed to suit the Mech Gang.
  • Touse: A fun little Mixel who resembles a wind-up mouse toy.


Their home land is in the Light Bulb Sun. Their Max most resembles Bulby.

  • Gerlite: the leader. NOTE: Gerlite was adopted from the Deviantart user Lanasenten.
  • Clydeon: Might redesign him as I think he looks a bit too much like Torts.
  • Bulby


NOTE: This tribe was adopted from the Deviantart user FrozenStar37615.

  • Gale: The leader if you don't mind and only female of the tribe. Shes always eager to please, and won't stop till she pleases the one she's trying to please.
  • Squall: AKA Ditz. He isn't really a good flyer. He is able to fly, but isn't good at it.
  • Gust: The former if you don't mind leader. Frozenstar kinda based him too much off of Zorch, though. But he is easily annoyed and when stressed he loses some of his feathers from his wings.


Their home land is in the Mixopolis Nuclear Power Plant. Their Max most resmbles Tux.

  • Zilch: Leader.
  • Tux: I believe I also made him look too similar to Glurt...
  • Elenox: The only female.


Their Max most resembles Milton.

  • Milton: The bird-like leader with the glasses.
  • Orasect: resembles an ant and a dog.
  • Nessjay:


Their Max most resembles Vasler.

  • Judy: the leader. NOTE: Judy was adopted from the Deviantart user TheDrawingDino123.
  • Vasler: resembles a vase, hence part of her name.
  • Petuni: The smallest.


Their Max most resembles Artgon.

  • Artgon: the leader. He may look like a Mix between Flurr and Iggy Koopa though...
  • Panti: Her name is an anagram of the word paint.
  • Casaw:
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