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Itsdabombtobeafroaticon!Image.jpg "It's the bomb!"

This Mixel is known as Flurr! He is the leader of the power-napping Frosticons. But unlike his brothers, he's always wide-awake. Despite this, Flurr's always missing the simplest things, like an icicle right infront of his face.

Here's me as a Mixel!

Welcome to my page!

How my association with the Mixels fandom began

A papercraft cardboard cutout I created. Features Flain, Teslo, Flurr, Lunk, Scorpi and Torts.

As of May 6th, 2015, Slusho has joined the group.

Snoof, Chilbo, Glurt and Jawg joined on May 25th, 2015.

The papercraft was completed on July 1st, 2015, with the addition of Meltus.

My first eyewitness contact with Mixels began back in February or March 2014 when I first saw the earliest shorts during The Jetsons on Boomerang. However, I didn't like the franchise until the Series 2 promo first started airing during The Flintstones on the same channel in May 2014. It introduced me to the cool-looking character Flurr and I slowly began to like the show, only really joining the fandom when the Mixed Up Special first aired.

My OCs

I have a long list of Mixel OCs, view them at User:MattDet/My OCs.

Merchandise I have

My current Mixels collection as of January 2015. It's now very outdated XD


  • Everyone from Series 1-6!

Everything else

Favorite Mixels by series

Don't wanna bother reading the long list ahead? Just look at this image, created for me by The Golden Cubit.

  • Series 1: Teslo
  • Series 2: Flurr
  • Series 3: Scorpi
  • Series 4: Globert
  • Series 5: Snoof
  • Series 6: Slusho

MOST favorite Mixels by tribe

3D Slusho

  • Original Infernites: Flain
  • Cragsters: Shuff
  • Electroids: Teslo
  • Original Frosticons: Flurr (#1 fave)
  • Fang Gang: Jawg
  • Flexers: Tentro
  • Original Glorp Corp: Tied between Glurt and Torts
  • Spikels: Scorpi (#3 fave)
  • Wiztastics: Wizwuz
  • Orbitons: Naut
  • New Infernites: Tied between Meltus and Burnard
  • Glowkies: Globert
  • Klinkers: Kamzo
  • New Frosticons: Snoof
  • Lixers: Spugg
  • Weldos: Wuzzo
  • New Glorp Corp: Slusho (#2 fave)
  • Munchos: Snax

Favorite Mixels in order

Bold text indicates those in my top 10. An asterisk next to a name indicates that I hate that character.

  • Original Infernites: Flain - Vulk - Zorch*
  • Cragsters: Shuff - Krader - Seismo
  • Electroids: Teslo - Zaptor - Volectro (TRIBE ORDER LOL)
  • Original Frosticons: Flurr - Lunk - Slumbo
  • Fang Gang: Jawg - Gobba - Chomly* (TRIBE ORDER AGAIN LOL)
  • Flexers: Tentro - Balk - Kraw
  • Original Glorp Corp: Glurt - Torts - Glomp
  • Spikels: Scorpi - Hoogi - Footi
  • Wiztastics: Wizwuz - Magnifo - Mesmo*
  • Orbitons: Naut - Niksput - Nurp - Rokit
  • New Infernites: Meltus - Burnard - Flamzer
  • Glowkies: Globert - Vampos - Boogly
  • Klinkers: Kamzo - Jinky - Gox
  • New Frosticons: Snoof - Chilbo - Krog
  • Lixers: Spugg - Turg - Tungster* (TRIBE ORDER AGAIN LOL)
  • Weldos: Wuzzo - Kramm - Forx
  • New Glorp Corp: Slusho - Dribbal - Gurggle
  • Munchos: Snax - Vaka-Waka - Berp
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