aka That One Guy..

  • I live in Mixel Land, Sentai Universe, Mata Nui, Game Central Station
  • I was born on June 26
  • My occupation is being infamous and not well liked
  • I am Male
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I may look familiar, that is because i am MasterofGaburincho on Deviantart! Also, I like to kick some ass. You don't want to mess with a 20 ft tall robot, trust me. I will never be bound to become an Moderator or any type of special person on this wiki, mostly because I am not special in general. I can't ever join chat parties mostly because ToaMatau2004 keeps getiing his damn mind in the gutter and mostly because "O NOES HE SAID BAD WORD!!1". Lighten up, dude. Sadly, I am currently banned from the chat. This is permanent. Damn it.


Youtube: Yummyjuice16


I am a kind person, and likes nice people who care. I go for Personality, not looks, because I'm not shallow. I enjoy drawing and expressing my creativity with excitement. I am sympathetic, even If I don't show it. I am a creative person, and will only do things for fun. However, push one of my buttons, and I WILL kill you. Especially if you are an ass willing to get blinded by my punches. you won't ever reproduce because I have already kicked your nuts too hard.


Cute and fluffly things 
Dinosaurs, Animals, and sometimes Dragons. 
People with kind and caring feelings 
Mixels (duh) 
Super Sentai 
Wreck it Ralph 
Big Hero 6 
Jetix shows (like Yin Yang Yo) 


Stupid people 
Selfish people 
People who think they're smart 
Waking up very early 
People who use jokes from Vine 
Vine in general (unless if the joke makes me laugh) 
Fetishes (specific ones like Vore, M-preg, Yaoi, Yuri, ect.) 
Bad Fanfiction 
Bad Fanart 
Five Nights at Freddies
Steven Universe
Blunderfail Undertale
Homosuck Homestuck
Porn (lolol I am the ultimate kinkshamer)
Dumblr Tumblr
Battle For Dream Island

Favorite Characters: coming soon...

Fanmade Lego series'

Fan Made Mixels 
Lego Cuboids 
Lego AOTSAT (Adventures of the Super Awesome Trio) 
Fanmade Bionicle Toa, Villains, and Rahi
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