aka That One Guy..

  • I live in Mixel Land, Sentai Universe, Mata Nui, Game Central Station
  • I was born on June 26
  • My occupation is being infamous and not well liked
  • I am Male

hahahaha, this account is now mine! I will nix everything up! also don't forget, my name is masterofnixels

hello, I am a nixel. I am boring, and everyone likes me.

Likes ◾ plain and boring things ◾ nixels ◾ people who have hatred of other people ◾ the tv show called "Nixels" ◾ nixing with stuff ◾ nixonicle ◾ the movie called "Wreck it Nixel" ◾ Big Hero Nixel ◾ horrible shows (like marketing tv) ◾ sports ◾ mega blox ◾ king nixel ◾ taffyta because she's my waifu ◾ king candy because he reminds me of king nixel bwahahahaha ◾ school

Dislikes ◾ kind people ◾ caring people ◾ people who think they're cute ◾ masterofgaburincho ◾ mixels ◾ exciting stuff ◾ mixing ◾ vanellope ◾ ralph ◾ legos ◾ bionicle ◾ super sentai ◾ animals ◾ the show called "Mixels" ◾ every Disney movie ◾ everything ◾ you

favorite nixels

If I had to choose..

nixel major nixel king nixel muscle nixel flyswatter nixel boomerang nixel catch up nixel ketchup nixel

I really freaking hate those dumb colored nixels..

fanmade mega blox series' ◾ Meganicle ◾ Fan Made Nixels ◾ Steven Universe ◾ The Mega Bloks Movie

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