aka Ranger Jinx

  • I live in Mixopolis
  • I was born on October 17
  • My occupation is Mixopolis Zoo Ranger
  • I am Boy, Duhhh

"Harro! I'm Ranger Jinx and I will be your guide today!": D


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Any question? Ask me anything. Don't worry, I won't bite. =3


Official pic



  • Nicknames (aka) - Shark Girl (Flain); Pink Shark
  • Tribe - ?
  • Position - ?
  • Gender Preference - Female
  • Color - Pink
  • Special Features - Five eyes, Wings, Shark snout
  • Likes - Flying, Coconapples, Running
  • Dislikes - Nixels, Flain, vegetables
  • Quote - ~
  • Voice Actor - Stephanie Anne Mills
Sharkitty Alternate Pose by MFloras

Alternate pose

Sharkitty is kjay747-400's Mixel oc.




She is a fusion of a shark, bat, and a cat Mixel. She is simple-minded but agile, energetic, and curious. She is bright, cheerful, crazy, loud, and wild. However, she can get easily upset and might destroy everything near her. She is very competitive as she thinks she's better than everyone else. She is egoistic and a bit arrogant.

Physical Appearance

Sharkitty is mostly pink in color. She has a hot pink face and beneath is light pink. She has two shark-like fins used as her ears and gill slits beneath her eye as her nose. She has a body similar to Flurr's with four legs and an eye on each side of them. She has a pair of bat wings similar to Flurr and Globert's. On the end of her body, she has a shark tail.


Sharkitty has the ability to run and fly with her wings. She can also bite other objects with her shark-like teeth/fangs. Her eyes on both of her legs can be used to see through things. 


Early life

Little is known about Sharkitty's early life. However, she managed to hang out with other mixels and make friends with. 

Lego Sharkitty by MixelTime

Sharkitty's Lego set.


  • Her name is a mix of Shark and Kitty.
  • According to kjay747-400, she dislikes vegetables.
  • She tends to change the tone of her voice when she exaggerates.

Take Note:

I like potatoes...

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