• I live in STALKER jk
  • I was born on February 3
  • My occupation is Uh...
  • I am Male
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JoshTheKnife Username

Ain't it cool?! Please tell me it is.
Joined Wiki October 12, 2014
Age 13
Tribe Tribe? What, do I look like a Mixel?
Wiki Position Rollback
Chat Moderator
Gender Male
Likes Art
Henry Stickmin
Plants vs. Zombies
Browsing YouTube
Dislikes Embarrassment

Here's some life advice for ya: don't judge people based on their popularity. If they are popular, okay then. But, don't JUST praise someone because everyone else is so you can fit in. No, don't judge them on that, judge them on their personality traits. There's so much more to a person than just being popular. Not everyone may like their content too, but being popular isn't enough.
— Me

I'm Josh!

Heya! All of you might know me from DeviantArt formerly as JoshuaTheKid24. I made a new account as JoshTheKnife like this one. I also like editing on this wiki, going in the chatroom occasionally, and hanging with my friends here!

The Mixels Fandom: My Discovery

What the Snoof

"Hey, that must be it!

So, I basically found this franchise in a long story. It happened somewhere around the summer of 2013-2014. It was when a family friend of mine actually liked Mixels when I went over to his house. He was a 10-years-old at the moment. But, how I got into the fandom is when he showed me his Calling All Mixels app on his iPad. He showed me all the levels he played, the badges he earned, and everything! I thought I'd seen that before, I felt I was familiar with it. Heck, he even showed me a few of his LEGO MOCs which were actually impressive! I couldn't help it, but I felt Mixels was a cool franchise. When I got home, I went into my iPhone or iPod and I looked up a few character pages of the Wiki. I didn't know all their names, but I got further involved in even later months. Eventually, I slowly got interested in it, saw a few shorts, and bam! Here I am with a deep interest in Mixels!

Me and this Wiki

Welcome to the school

"Welcome to the Mixels Wiki. I'm your bureaucrat, sort of high power myself."

So, after I got into the fandom a bit, I was a wikia contributor who was rookie here, back when we still had comments on the pages. Ah, those days...but, the day I discovered this wiki was around mid-late 2014, until I eventually joined the actual Wiki on October 12, 2014 as you know me as JoshuaTheKid24! Well, technically, that was my old username until I changed it to "JoshTheKnife" a while back in April. I wasn't greatly involved here with the edits and whatnot, but my importance here kicked in further in 2015.

Me and DeviantArt

Brush and palette

So, I found dA when I saw the artwork of a certain user here on this wiki. I saw the website, and decided to join! Of course, like this wiki, I was a silent user from the beginning of my time here and there, until I actually got further involved.

Me and Twitter


Welcome to the Land of Twitting, inferior artist!

Holy sheesh, how many stories of about my social media life am I telling?! Ah, you know what? Whatevs, I'm gonna share it anyways. So, I'm gonna make this short, but this was one of my later sites joined. For a while, I felt as if this wiki's chat felt emptier than usual. So, I found out that there was a DM on Twitter where my friends also hang out. Curious of the DM, and the website itself of course, I joined an saw so much! I joined on March 30, 2016, and I'm happy on Twitter!

The Story of My Knife

Josh's Knife

My signature knife.

Excuse the lame pun of a title. Anyways, I made this knife sort of like a logo thing to represent me. No no, I don't represent death, gore, blood, or chopping. But, think of it as a cool design or something!

My Top 5 Favorite Mixels

My Top 5 Favorite Tribes

Favorite Mixels from Each Tribe (Most to Least Favorites)

  • Thanks, Flainstorm!
  • Thanks, PredasparkDrazor!
  • Thanks, Tiketz Simulator 2016!
  • Morphos Gold Badge (first place prize from SonicAsura's contest)

Favorite Mixels from Each Series

Favorite Tribes from Each Series (Most to Least Favorites)

LEGO Mixels

Currently, I have all Series 3, 4, 5, 6 Mixels (creature), the MCFD, Sharx, Lewt, and Surgeo with a few missing parts, including:
Forward Flain
  • A black piece of Krog's foot.
  • Snoof's fin.
  • TONS of Scorpi's small silver spikes.
  • One of Rokit's laser guns.
  • A small flame piece.
  • A minifigure eye piece, specifically Dribbal's, but used Rokit's eye to replace it.
  • And many more.

Another fun fact: I tend to dismantle my Mixels when I'm bored, specifically the aftermath of creating a Mix and forgetting to de-mix them. This leads to several small events of dismantling more Mixels, thus causing some pieces to be lost...which I'm guilty about. XD

Mixels OCs

Main Tribes

Since I am a fan of the Mixels series, I made a few tribes myself.

Fanseries 1

Fanseries 2

Fanseries 3

Fanseries 4

Fanseries 5 (all in one)

Fanseries 6 (all in one)

Fanseries 7 (all in one)

Fanseries 8

Fanseries 9



  • I sometimes stress under pressure.
    • My personality you're asking me of, huh? Well, I can stutter a little, get lost in my words, I'm a bit silly, random, and nervous.
  • I use emoticons. Obviously. -_-
  • I'm not on this Wiki or chat because
    • A: Busy with school assignments (mainly)
    • B: Empty chat
    • C: Working on a drawing
    • D: Lazy/ehh
  • I DO get really carried away with my silliness at times. At the same time, I can get angry, so...

Random Gallery of Stuff

  • LDD version of Spoilo (far right). Thanks User:The-Adventure-Krog!
  • LDD Vroomsters. Thanks The-Adventure-Krog!
  • LDD Shiners. Thanks PredasparkDrazor!
  • LDD Shiners Max. Thanks PredasparkDrazor!
  • LDD Funnsters. Thanks PredasparkDrazor!
  • LDD Funnsters Max. Thanks PredasparkDrazor!
  • LDD Mutoids. Thanks PredasparkDrazor!
  • LDD Mutoids Max. Thanks PredasparkDrazor!
  • LDD Vroomsters. Thanks PredasparkDrazor!
  • LDD Vroomsters Max. Thanks PredasparkDrazor!
  • LDD Gardenites. Thanks PredasparkDrazor!
  • LDD Gardenites Max. Thanks PredasparkDrazor!
  • LDD Pixus (left). Thanks, The-Adventure-Krog!

Also, here's my knives. You've read everything here, and now it's time to leave. Buh-bye! Adios! Happy departure! Hasta la vista! Bon voyage...are you done? Are you, are you finished? Just leave. Puh lease...ahem. MY knives are in front of you...ahem? Are you just gonna camp here forever? I mean seriously, you can leave now...good gosh. Okay, fine! Stay here for a while, I don't give a care!

Knives Knives Everywhere
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