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Hallo Dare

I am an Invasion of the Jax, but u may call me JAXINVASION.

I once deleted all of the info here but now its back up


I'm easily scared

I get creeped out by theriores

I like dogs

I like otters

I have very low self eesTEM

I'm sensitive

My Favorite Mixels

Infernites: Flain, Flamzer

Electroids: Teslo

Cragsters: Krader

Frosticons: Slumbo, Snoof

Flexers: Balk

Fang Gang: Jawg

Glorp Corp: Glomp, Slusho

Wiztastics: Magnifo

Spikels: Scorpi

Orbitons: Nurp-Naut

Glowkies: Vampos

Klinkers: Kamzo

Lixers: Spugg

Munchos: Snax

Weldos: Kramm

MCPD: Tiketz

Mixies: Jamzy

Medivals: Camillot

MCFD: Hydro

Pyrattz: Skulzy

Medix: Skrubz

Trashoz: Compax

Newzers: Myke

Nindjas: Mysto

How I Fell Into The Mixels Pothole

So I was browsing on Cartoon Network when I saw Flain as the show's mascot. Having my doubts, I checked it out. After exploring the current desert that is Mixels.com, I was excited about it. Later, I saw the Mixel sets at Professer Toy. Since my little brother's birthday, my mom bought the following: Flain, Krader, Teslo, Zorch, Volectro, and Seismo. After playing, building, and 'em, I became a Mixels fanatic!



My Mixels OCs

Yes, even I, Papyrus have fell victim to OCs. NO PICS SRY

It's the Watrys! These party-loving-throwing-underwater-AAAAAUUUUGGHH-I'm-too-lazy-to-work-on-this-part-of-my-userpage Mixels are wild and free[1]! The only downside is that they are the only ones that can breathe at their underwater parties. Splasho is the leader of the tribe, and that's because....