aka Jared Lavette

  • I live in San Antonio
  • I was born on June 13
  • My occupation is Having fun and cheering people up
  • I am Male
Lunk Bubbla Mix

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My OC Tribes

The Bubblicons is a bubble-type tribe who are English Mixels with English and Jamaican accents and work in their English bubble-shaped home. Their cubits are azure (w/ blue).

The one on the middle is Blowso, the leader of the Bubblicons. Blowso may be bubbly, insane, and curious on the outside, but he's neat, smart, and sane on the inside. as the leader, he tries to keep his members sane by blowing a big bubble with his hand. He can shoot explosive bubbles with his tail. The one on the right is Bubbo. Bubbo is a wacky, fast, and hard-working guy who blows bubbles out of his mouth. He can blows bubbles rapidly. He has a fear of being burnt. He's not that bright, sometimes. He can squeeze his hand to get things very far and narrow. He loves coconapples, cookironies, and hamlogna sandwiches. The one on the left is Bubbla. Bubbla may be dopey, clumsy, and has three eyes, but has a sense of humor, a sense of hearing, and a sense of smell. He can shoot bubbles out of his tail and his sapphire tounge can sniff out Nixels. He can sometimes be sneaky. Like Shuff and Seismo, He dislikes Zorch. Like Zaptor, Jawg, Flain, Chomly, and Lunk, He loves hamlogna sandwiches. Like Zorch, Bubbla has two disembodied eyebrows.

The Cheshsters is a vanishing-type tribe who are British Mixels with American accents and they live in a house shaped like a grin. Their cubits are purple (w/ pink).

The one on the middle is Chorch, the leader of the Cheshsters. Chorch is an expert of pranking and standing on his head. Like Flain, He's best friends with the Cragsters, who are best friends with him, and He is good friends with Slumbo. He is despised by Zorch. He's very comical, silly, and insane. He can morph into any object, like a mallet to whack Nixels. The one on the right is Crat. He's an expert of tricking, checkers, and quizzes. Crat loves to make everybody laugh and cheers them up! Be careful, he's also mischievous, cunning, and sneaky. He can make everything Magnifo screwed up just right so it won't be like the last show. The one on the left is Chessur. Chessur has one big grin on his face, he loves getting Nixels into trouble, He can disappear, shape-shift, and morph. Like Flain, He is liked by Seismo and Shuff. Like Chorch, He is best friends with Slumbo. He has disembodied eyebrows like Zorch and Bubbla.

The Love Gang is a flirtatious-type tribe who are seductive Mixels with American and French accents and they live in a house shaped like a heart. Their cubits are magenta.

The one on the middle is Flurt, the leader of the Love Gang. Flurt may be flirtatious, seductive, and attractive. But she's the leader of her tribe. She is an expert in the field of seduction. Flurt has been infamously known to bend male mixels to her will. With her wit, charm, and beauty, she can make nixels love her, then she shoots pink goo out of her tail. She has a crush on Glurt. The one on the right is Admiry. Admiry is a fierce and flirty cat. she can seduce Nixels with her wit, Then she whack them with her long tail. She can make her tail very long, to flirt with male mixels. She is an purrfect expert for flirting. She has a crush on Jawg. The one on the left is Cupion. Cupion is the most cutest, prettiest, and beautiful Love Gang member. She can sting nixels with her sharp, striped tail, injecting her love venom in their bodies. She loves polishing her nails, adding lipstick, and singing. She has a crush on Scorpi.

The Paintsters is a paint-type tribe who are English Mixels with Texan accents and work in their art studio house. Their cubits are persian blue (w/ dark blue).

The one on the middle is Balso, the leader of the Paintsters. Balso is an excellent artist. He can be creative if he puts his mind into it. He can paint the Nixels in any color for Major Nixel confuse them as mixels. The one on the right is Zixzux. Zixzux is crazy as a hyena. He can paint with any color. His favorite color is azure. He loves causing mischief and getting Zorch into trouble. The one on the left is Vulblo. Vulblo is intelligent as a fox. He loves to adopt Nixels and tame them as his pets, even if they're bullied, sad, or neglected. He can whack Nixels with his hammer head.

The Constructoids is a construction-type tribe who are English Mixels with Texan accents and they construct buildings. Their cubits are teal

The one on the middle is Construck, the leader of the Constructoids. Construck is helpful and selfless. He use his drill hat to make houses and help his pals. He can also use his drill to kill Nixels. The one on the right is Breako. Breako is a lot helpful at buildings, he can use his tentacles filled with cement to stick one brick to another to build a building. The one on the left is Fixtor. Fixtor is a lot smart and helpful. He uses his hammer to flatten nails and to hang signs with the help of his pals. Their max is a bipedal mouse like creature.

Dazzling Mixels

Here's my Idea.

Series 4 Mixels

User:Jaredqwe/Mixels Series 4 Descriptions

Dazzling/Mixel Mixes

User:Jaredqwe/Dazzlings Mixes

My favorite mixels

1. Glurt
2. Hoogi
3. Magnifo
4. Slumbo
5. Zaptor
6. Tentro
7. Jawg
8. Vulk
9. Shuff
10. Boogly
11. Flamzer
12. Nurp-Naut
13. Gobba
14. Kraw
15. Balk
16. Vampos
17. Torts
18. Footi

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