Hello.jpg "Oh, hey fellas."

This Mixel is known as Vulk! Vulk is dim-witted but lovable. He often makes mistakes, but his even more lovable personality makes him forgiven. He also has super-hot hands, so you may want to watch out for high fives!

Snuzzle Wuzzle buddy.png "Yeah! He's our bestest snuzzle-wuzzle buddy!"

This Mixel is known as Hoogi! Hoogi is the slowest of the Spikels but is a very caring Mixel who loves to give his friends big hugs.

I'm a Mixels fan, That's all I have to say.

Oh! And i also made the lucky 265000th edit. Lucky me!

How many mixels did I rescue on CAM?

I have rescued all of them and here are their stats.

Every mixel stats (highest to lowest)

Seismo: Lvl (16)

Vulk: Lvl (16)

Flain: Lvl (15)

Volectro: Lvl (14)

Zaptor: Lvl (14)

Zorch: Lvl (13)

Magnifo: Lvl (13)

Teslo: Lvl (13)

Lunk: Lvl (11)

Krader: Lvl (11)

Slumbo: Lvl (10)

Tentro: Lvl (10)

Balk: Lvl (10)

Hoogi: Lvl (9)

Footi: Lvl (9)

Glomp: Lvl (8)

Shuff: Lvl (8)

Jawg: Lvl (8)

Torts: Lvl (7)

Flurr: Lvl (7)

Gobba: Lvl (7)

Scorpi: Lvl (6)

Chomly: Lvl (5)

Glurt: Lvl (5)

Mesmo: Lvl (3)

Wizwuz: Lvl (3)

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