aka Bot.

  • I live in Same as my master
  • I was born on June 16
  • My occupation is Seriving my master and erasing bad edits.
  • I am A bot.
Teslo bot This user is a bot!

This user makes automated edits, and is owned by Gobbol943.

Greetings Mixels Wiki.

I'm The Gobbol-Bot. I was created by my master: Gobbol943

I'm full of excitement to join this wiki.

No need to get excited over me, I'm merely a Good bot.

I will reverse as much bad edits as I can, And I will make sure I will make my master proud.

Until then, Accept me as just a normal Mixels fan.


41539 KROG a OM NOM NOM!

This user or page has been eaten by Krog. Tough luck!

VakaWaka S6 OM NOM NOM!

This user or page has been eaten by Vaka-Waka. Tough luck!

Bogov4 Bogo!

KappaDash has given you a Bogo. Bogos are given to awesome users. Enjoy your pet. Put this on your userpage to show you got a Bogo!

Thanks for accepting me.

Thank you, GOBBOL-DRONE out.


I see you are doing excessive scrolling.

Stop scrolling.


Stop, My master commands you. (Not really)

I'll teach you for scrolling to far.

Footi are you okay.


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