When Will We Ever Need to Know That.jpg "When will we EVER need to know that!?"

This Mixel is known as Volectro! Volectro's a scatter-brained, joke loving Mixel who's been shocked one too many times. His body has the worst case of static body-cling ever! It'll stick to him- Mixels- trees- cruise ships..

Joined Wiki July 18, 2015
Age ?
Tribe glorp corp
Wiki Position normal
Gender male
Likes Lego Mixel ,Portal
Dislikes Nixels ,weeping angels
Quote "We are the glorp corp!"
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cartoon Longsy,thanks again,pedrasparkdrazor.  my favorite series 1 mixel:Volectro  

my favorite series 2 mixel:Balk

my favorite series 3 mixel:Footi

my favorite series 4 mixel:Vampos

my favorite series 5 mixel:Jinky

my favorite series 6 mixel:Gurggle

my favorite series 7 mixel: Trumpsy

my favorite series 8 mixel: Splasho

my favourite series 9 mixel:Spinza

my favorite mixel of them all: Spinza

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My favorite pages

  • Footi
  • Spikels
  • gurggle

My mixes and maxes and murps I requested

Gurggle Globert Mix,thanks dadaw. Trumpsy 41563 Mix,thanks dadaw. Footi Vaka-Waka murp,thanks again,dadaw. Tapsy Tiketz mix,thanks dadaw once again.Volectro Balk Footi Vampos Jinky Gurggle Trumpsy 41563 mix,thanks yet again dadaw.Tungster 41564 mix,yet again thx dadaw.

How I started liking Mixels

I was on the Lego website one day sometime in 2013,I saw the sneek peek of the website,and I did nothing about Mixels for the rest of the year,sometime in early 2014,I bought my favorite series 1 Mixel,Volectro.I bought series 2 mixels around there release date,and I ended up buying all mixels series 1 to 3.In 2015,I bought Vampos,Nurp-Naut,Burnard,and Boogly.And I disliked mixels until July when I bought Jinky,and a little later that month I bought Krog and Tungster.At the lego store in downtown Disney in florida,(we were on a trip the,and it was August.)I bought Snoof,Chilbo,Kamzo,and Turg. On October 1st I bought all the series 6 mixels,except for Kramm.That same month I got every Mixel ever made.I got all of series 7 in one month.


series 1:all

series 2:all

series 3:all

series 4:all,and series 4 box

series 5:all

series 6:all

series 7:all

series 8:none

series 9:none

MY FRIEND LIST in alphabetical order





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