• I live in The Magma Wastelands.
  • I was born on May 5
  • My occupation is To Relax.
  • I am Male
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Flain Smirk "You ready?"

This Mixel is known as Flain! Proud leader of the red-hot Infernites, Flain is the smart one of the group. But when he thinks too hard, his head catches on fire. Careful!

Flain and da logo

Hello! I am FlainMixel! But you can just call me Flain. I will also have a sandbox soon.



  • FlurrFood24
  • Green Ninja
  • MixedSerpent
  • ZootyCutie
  • Derekis
  • Croc2274
  • Creepermanrules
  • LunkLover5552
  • The Doctor Of Awesomeness

Mixeltvshowlogo in each tribe

1. Flain
2. Krader
3. Zaptor
4. Flurr
5. Chomly
6. Kraw
7. Glurt
8. Scorpi
9. Magnifo


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