Hi! I am Flain0432 and this is my User Page.

Joined Wiki April 11, 2015
Age ?
Tribe Infernites
Wiki Position User
Gender Male
Likes Mixels, Minecraft, Computer Games, Writing, Reading, Drawing and Minions
Dislikes Nixels, Spam, Rude things said to me and Bullying
Quote "Hi"

Things About Me

I am a Mixel fan since February 2014 but I joined this Wiki on April 11, 2015. I like Mixels A LOT because they just seem to be really creative, funny, cute (yes cute but I mean SOME of them are cute) and collectible figures. I love to draw at home and other places, I don't really know why I love drawing but who cares. I like creating posters on the computer. I started doing this in May 2015 and from then I make computer posters. I collect Lego sets and put them on the shelves to look at and make it into a kinda display. I like Minions just because they are funny and I own the game Minecraft. I also am a fan of reading and writing in my spare time.

How I Got Into Mixels

Well it started in February 2014 when I got this magazine named 'TOXIC'. I know weird name. It was the first couple of pages and I saw some weird and wacky Monsters. It said that they are Mixels and they were Lego. After that I've spent months watch videos, collecting them and researching about them.

My Mixsona 'Pozo'

Pozo is my Mixsona that is from a tribe called 'The Bouncycods'. I started working on him in May 2015 (about a month after I joined this Wiki). His name was going to be 'Bondy' but I thought that it doesn't suit him that much so the name got changed to 'Pozo'. He is mostly purple in color. His toes are the color of dark blue. He has only two teeth but before in May 2015 he had six teeth so there were four at the top of his mouth.


Pozo is a friendly Mixel that protects his friends and brothers. He is a type of Mixel that never gives up or fails quests or missions. He has three legs to make poses if someone is making a drawing of him. He can bounce really high to destroy nasty little Nixels that think of plans to get rid of the Mixels.

Thanks FlainStorm!


Name: Pozo

Tribe: Bouncycods

Position: Leader

Gender: Male

My drawing of him on Microsoft Paint.

Color: Purple, white, black, grey and dark blue

Special Features: Eye browns, Stretchy legs and Flexible body

Likes: Cookironis, Mixing, Maxing, Hamlogna sandwiches, bouncing, making random poses and Burky (my other Oc)

Dislikes: Nixels, Murping and being out of energy

Quote: "Let's Mix it to fix it!"

Pozo Gallery

Got a Cubit!

Back of Pozo

Flat Pozo

"Phosphee the Cubits here!"


End of Gallery! More will be added in the future.

Things I don't like

  1. People shouting ( Please don't ask)
  2. Spam
  3. RUDE things said to me
  4. Nixels
  5. Bullying

Mixels I Collected

Series 1- Complete

Series 2- Complete

Series 3- Complete

Series 4- Complete

Series 5- Complete

Series 6- Complete

Series 7- Complete

Series 8- Complete

Series 9- No

Favorite Mixel from each series

All time- Of course Flain

Series 1- Again Flain

Series 2- Lunk

Series 3- Scorpi

Series 4- Nurp-Naut

Series 5- Kamzo

Series 6- Wuzzo

Series 7- Busto

Series 8- Tuth

Series 9- Spinza

Mixel Games I own

  1. Mixels Rush
  2. Calling All Mixels

Favorite To Least Favorite Mixels Special

A Quest For The Mixamajig

Every Knight Has Its Day

Moon Madness

Mixed Up Special

That is all more will be added in the future! Thank You for viewing my User Page!

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