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Series 1

== Glorp Corp



The most enthusiastic and adventurous of his group. Glorpian will do anything to save his friends in a dangerous situation and always keeps his head-rocket charged which can be useful for shooting at nixels.

LEGO set


A very slow and droopy mixel.
Lego Slinail

LEGO set

 He's known for always being late to parties and important meetings due to his lack of feet and dripping tail. Slinail's "slime trail" can sometimes annoy other mixels after cleaning up his mess, which leads to and endless clean-up.

Artwork Coming Soon


Straight out from the swamp, Muecus is sometimes a very fun mixel to hang out with. His tounge is always full with disgusting slime that he likes to use for his favorite hobby pranking. Just a little warning that he can make a huge mess by blowing a raspberry and cracking up.

LEGO set, designed by Jackob Original

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