aka Evan

  • I live in My house
  • I was born on November 17
  • My occupation is building in rs and drawing
  • I am trying to find out what to put here

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hello there wiki member, just a contributor

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Joined Wiki August 8th, 2019
Age 13
Tribe humans
Wiki Position Contributor
Gender Male


Building in Roblox Studio

Dislikes Mean people
Quote None
Fan of the Mixels franchise since Coconapple

I'm gonna work on my profile more soon

How I got interested

I actually remember coconapple's premiere. It was after a TTG episode. After watching the short, I was curious about the series. So that's when I found the old website (rip) and it was pretty fun. I also visited the lego website which was also a pretty cool experience. Shorts were awesome, remember seeing some on TV. When august came around I got my first mixels, the Infernites. I built my first Mixel Flain and the others and it was non-stop fun. Mixed Special was coming up and it was mind-blowing seeing the new Mixels talk and interact on the commercial. WIP

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