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  • I live in my bedroom
  • I was born on October 26
  • My occupation is Minecraft mod developer
  • I am Male

Starter Info

Hey Yea Guys this is Elastico345 most people in the server called me "Elas" for shorter name and i was here to see all the information about Mixels and i was impressed too all admins and staffs who making this wiki possible. In addition. I am the Founder in my own Wiki known as "MixelCraft Wiki"if you guys don't know what wiki is that. It's a wiki that is mostly for Both Minecraft and Mixel Fan (Mostly Mixel Fans) Hanging out or seeing the information about my Minecraft Mixelcraft Mod. About this Mixels Wiki i was like..."WOW" this came out really well that put out alot of effort making this wiki becoming popular.

Mixels For Da Win!!!
Pro Pic EA145 F pic

his OC Mixels used as a Profile Picture
Joined Wiki Dec. 2015 (Registered)
Jan. 2016 (Contributed)
Age 15 Years Old
Tribe Unknown
Wiki Position Member / None
Gender Male
Likes Mixels, Pac-Man, PC Gaming
Dislikes Rude And Unreliable Wiki Users
Quote "Mixels For Da Win"

History about myself related to Mixels

"a short history about me related to Mixels"

i already know about mixels way back since June 2014 im a fan of Mixels in April 29,2016 but i already know this wiki way back since October 2015 And i register to this wiki in December 2015, and i contribute once in January 2016...

its pretty interesting that how other Mixels Fan already made this wiki as a awesome community to attract other LEGO and Mixels Fans out there who liked Mixels Apperently.

List of Mixels that i have

Only :

Mixels that is available in my area but i don't owned it yet

All Sets are no longer in stock anymore... sad is in it?

My Social Media

My main Youtube channel (Mixels And Productivity)  : Link

My secondary Youtube channel (Gaming Videos)  : Link

My Facebook Page  : Link

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My Wiki  : Link

My Steam : Link

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My Donation Page

Join to my Patreon page  : Link

Donate via Paypal  : Link

Donate via Bitcoin  : My Address - 12jAXESPN1HDWZNgSXwo2LajyYqZv9u2TL

Fav Mixels (Best to Least)

NOTE : Please don't take my opinions too seriously. We apologize if we hurt your emo...

  • Infernites (Series 1) - Flain, Vulk, Zorch
  • Electroids - Volectro, Teslo, Zaptor
  • Cragsters - Seismo, Krader , Shuff
  • Frosticons (Series 2) - Flurr, Slumbo, Lunk
  • Flexers - Balk, Kraw, Tentro
  • Fang Gang - Gobba, Jawg, Chomly
  • Glorp Corp (Series 3) - Torts, Glomp, Glurt
  • Wiztastics - Wizwuz, Mesmo, Magnifo
  • Spikels - Hoogi, Scorpi, Footi
  • Infernites (Series 4) - Burnard, Flamzer, Meltus
  • Orbiton - Niksput, Nurp-Naut, Rokit
  • Glowkie - Globert, Vampos, Boogly
  • Frosticons (Series 5) - Chilbo, Snoof, Krog
  • Klinkers - Kazmo, Jinky, Gox
  • Lixers - Tungster, Spugg, Turg
  • Glorp Corp (Series 6) - Slusho, Dribbal, Gurrgle
  • Weldos - Kramm, Wuzzo, Forx
  • Munchos - Vaka-Waka, Snax, Berp
  • MCPD - Tiketz, Busto, Kuffs
  • Medivals - Mixadel, Camillot, Paladum
  • Mixies - Tapsy, Jamzy, Trumpsy
  • MCFD - Aquad, Hydro, Splasho
  • Pyrratz - Skulzy, Lewt, Sharx
  • Medix - Surgeo, Skrubz, Tuth
  • Newzers - Camsta, Screeno, Mkye
  • Trashoz - Sweepz, Compax, Gobbol
  • Nindjas - Spinza, Cobrax, Mysto

My OC Mixels

Hand Drawn

My OC Mixels -1

My First Ever 2 OC Mixels Drawn way back since July 2016. No Names are giving yet

Digital Drawn

There are no Digital versions of my OC Mixels Besides my Profile Picture of the OC Mixel that i've made :)

LEGO Version

MEMES that i created

Mixels MEMES -4 - Elastico345
Mixels MEMES -1 - Elastico345
Mixels MEMES -2 - Elastico345
Mixels MEMES -3 - Elastico345
Mixels MEMES -5 - Elastico345
Mixels MEMES -6 - Elastico345
Mixels MEMES -7 - Elastico345
Mixels MEMES -8 - Elastico345
Mixels MEMES -9 - Elastico345
Mixels MEMES -10 - Elastico345
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