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About Me

I help this wiki for Mixs and Murps, i'm waiting for series 4 to edit more. but i can relax for awhile but if there's any problems i will help.

Read more about me, on my DA page above my profile were it says "My Website"

Due to I don't have anymore Channel Providers only Antenna so I need to watch online for full episodes of my favorites TV Shows sadly :(

Mixel Collection

i should collect more mixels maybe to get three mixel pack from

Mixels That I Have

My Favorite Mixels

  • Flain, Zorch, Vulk, Meltus, Flamzer, and Burnard
  • Krader, Seismo, and Shuff
  • Teslo, Zaptor, and Volectro
  • Flurr, Lunk, and Slumbo
  • Kraw, Tentro, and Balk
  • Jawg, Chomly, and Gobba
  • Glomp, Glurt, and Torts
  • Scorpi, Footi, and Hoogi
  • Magnifo, Mesmo, and Wizwuz 
  • Globert, Boogly, and Vampos
  • Rokit, Niksput, and Nurp-Naut

Mixels Crossover Series

This fanmade series is connected to The Land Before Time and Dinosaur Train with other crossovers know as: Littlefoot and the Dinosaur Train after defeating the dark aliens in Littlefoot and the Dinosaur Train: The Movie, but in this series it involves Water Bell (My OC Pony) guiding TLBT and DT characters to a new world (Mixels Land). But the Mixels themselves can also go to a new world that they never knew too.

No. in series

No. of season





The Mixels, The Dinosaurs, and The Pony

Water Bell, takes the whole dino gang to a new world and starts meeting the mixels but everything turns unplesent when the gang meets nixels.

Mixels (from TV Series and LEGO) Mixes and Murps to Cool, Cute, and Awesome to the most Weird and Ugly

  • LEGO
  • TV Series
    • This Mix is awesome! just like in the cartoon form.
    • This mix is awesome, but the transparent orange cubes look like a...
    • I'm covered in rocky armor!
    • I like this awesome mix, with Flain and Teslo just like the cartoon form.
    • Awesome Mix! he look's like a robot with red and yellow armor.

LEGO Mixels Mixes Requests

These are by Dadaw requested from Me.

My Mixels OCs

Plio - He's the leader who like's to drool when seeing food, and he's bigger then his tribe members.

Platyquake  - The Silly Platypus-like Mixel who likes to dance! but just be careful because he's gonna make some big waves! (In concept: he was originally named Quaqker, his species was based on a duck but was changed into a Platypus because it was suitable for him to be one.)

Sharder - He oftens shows off diving fast.

Umm... she's thedrksiren since she said gumball from object land of couse.

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