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Hello my name is Derekis, sometimes known as Derekspan on DeviantART.

Seismo happy

Seismo is here! RAD FUN! RAD FUN!

Here is my DeviantART!

Here my random SSB Leaks Wiki, but remember these leaks are NOT real.

UPDATE 9/10/14: My Sandbox of randomness is HERE!!!


UPDATE 10/4/14: I hid something... But you are gonna have to find it in my userpage.

UPDATE 10/6/14: I am offically the first person to get the Frosty (30 Days) Badge.

UPDATE 10/10/14: I will be Flain just for my enjoyment.

Things about me

Derekis the Torchic
Debut July 2014
Last Appearance  ?
Nicknames (aka)  ?
Tribe The Chatters
Position Chat Moderator
Gender Preference Male
Color Orange

(White in real life)

Special Features Don't feel like listing.
Likes Mixels


Super Smash Bros.

Wonder Pets (strangly)

Dislikes Vandals



Quote HAIZ!
Voice Actor Derekis himself
Game Abilities  ?
  • I'm 14 years old and was born in 2000.
  • I'm in 9th Grade and I'm a Freshmen.
  • I'm always in my room on my computer.
  • I'm a very good artist.
  • I'm somewhat shy.
  • I'm on the Behemoth Forums. I've been on there before this wikia was created and before Mixels were even revealed. (I joined the Behemoth Forums on May 26 2013.)
  • Like many users on here, I have anger problems.
    File:Burger King Big Kids Meal Pokémon Trading Night - Commercial
  • Most of the time, I'm Seismo. But I might be other Mixels and even non-Mixels at times. (I could be Flain and maybe even Torchic, a Pokemon)
  • I have a strange obsession with Wonder Pets since I first saw it in 2006 (8 years ago, that's a LONG time ago.).
  • I do not let users edit my user page because one time, a Wikia Contributor, A REALLY BAD one, spammed Toliets on user page and got rid of everything.

Mixels (Derekis's version)

User:Derekis/Mixels (Derekis's version)

Here are my versions of the Mixels we all know and love (and hate).

Favorite Mixel of each series

  • Series 1: Seismo
  • Series 2: Tentro
  • Series 3: Torts
  • Series 4: Rokit

Favorite Mixel of Each Tribe

  • Infernites 2014: Flain
  • Cragsters: SEISMO! SEISMO! (My all time favorite)
  • Electroids: Zaptor (He is just too funny!)
  • Frosticons: Flurr
  • Fang Gang: Jawg (I think he's cute)
  • Flexers: Tentro
  • Glorp Corp: Torts
  • Spikels: Hoogi
  • Wiztastics: Mesmo (He needs more fans. :(  )
  • Orbitonz: Rokit
  • Infernites 2015: Burnard
  • Glowkies: Globert

My Friendships with other users


Do I have that Mixel?

My Mixes/Murps (You can request me to draw up to 2 Mixes/Murps.)

NOTE: Only registered users can request me.



LEGO Versions

Abilities of each Mix/Murp

  • Shuff/Volectro Murp: Bounces around uncontrollably, Creates rocks that hits itself.
  • Teslo/Kraw Murp: Can be used for Log Toss
  • Flurr/Torts Murp: Freezes itself and floods things with frozen slime.
  • Zaptor/Gobba Mix: He can eat things and spit out electrical blasts.
  • Slumbo/Torts Mix: He can body slam into things and turn them into living slime creatures that attack Nixels.
  • Flain/Balk Murp: Unlike most murps who are dumb, this Murp is very aggressive and rather intelligent. It attacks things and turns them into creatures who look and act like him.
  • Vulk/Magnifo Mix: He can create magical flames, But he can end up getting burnt like Magnifo's last show when Magnifo tried to do a trick and he got burned.
  • Kraw/Vampos Mix: He can bite into things with his rubber vampire teeth.
  • Vulk/Mesmo Mix: Flapping his wings summons volcanoes that erupt magic.
  • Teslo/Scorpi Mix: Can sting and electrocute things with his tail.
  • Torts/Magnifo Mix: He can perform slimy magic tricks.
  • Zorch/Rokit Murp: Tries to shoot lasers, but burns itself.
  • Seismo/Footi Mix: He dances while he creates earthquakes.
  • Chomly/Wziwuz Mix: Burps magic breath that makes anything it touches smelly.
  • Alt. Hoogi/Magnifo Mix: Creates paper clones of Hoogi and Magnifo.
  • Lunk/Hoogi Murp: Freezes things and cuts them.
  • Flurr/Scorpi Mix: Shoots spikes made of ice.
  • Vulk/Jawg Murp: Shoots fiery teeth uncontrollably.
  • Slumbo/Volectro Mix: Electrifies himself while shooting electric ice cubes
  • Flain/Seismo Murp: One of the few controllable murps.
  • Zorch/Zaptor Mix: Shoots electric lava by his rod.
  • Lunk/Kraw Murp: Another controllable murp.
  • Alt. Wizwuz/Glurt Mix: Burps slimy magical snot.
  • Seismo/Nurp-Naut Mix: Burps space rocks.
  • Kraw/Seismo Mix: Shoots rubbery rocks out of his mouth.
  • Tentro/Zaptor Mix: Spits rubbery electric drool.
  • Jawg/Glurt Mix: Shoots logs made out of snot.




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