Hello my name is Derekis, also known as Derekspan on Deviantart.
Seismo happy

Seismo is here! RAD FUN! RAD FUN!

Here is my Deviantart!

Favorite Mixels of each tribe

  • Infernites: Flain
  • Cragsters: ALL 3 OF THEM!
  • Electroids: Zaptor
  • Frosticons: Either Flurr or Slumbo
  • Fang Gang: None because I don't trust the Fang Gang.
  • Flexers: Tentro
  • Glorp Corp: Torts
  • Spikels: Hoogi
  • Wiztastics: Magnifo

Least Favorite Mixels of each tribe

  • Infernites: Zorch (Because the Cragsters hate him)
  • Cragsters: None (THEY ALL ROCK!)
  • Electroids: Volectro (His voice creeps me out and he's annoying)
  • Frosticons: Lunk (I just find him meh)
  • Fang Gang: Chomly (I hate him more than the other two)
  • Flexers: Balk (He looks wierd and I don't like him)
  • Glorp Corp: Glurt (I also find him meh)
  • Spikels: Scorpi (He's my least favorite of the Spikels, but I like him)
  • Wiztastics: Wizwuz (He's OK in my opinion)

My opinion on the Maxes

  • Infernites: OK but looks like Agumon from Digimon too much.
  • Cragsters: Alright.
  • Electroids: Looks like Elecmon from Digimon too much.
  • Frosticons: Looks like Barney the Dinosaur too much, But I like it.
  • Fang Gang: I surprising like it.
  • Flexers: Alright.
  • Glorp Corp: I was dissapointed on how it looks.
  • Spikels: LOVE IT!
  • Wiztastics: LOVE IT!

The order on how I got the Mixels

  1. Seismo, Vulk, Volectro
  2. Shuff, Zorch, Teslo, Flurr, Kraw, Jawg
  3. Zaptor, Lunk, Slumbo, Tentro, Balk, Chomly
  4. Krader, Flain, Gobba

What the Mixels look like to me

  • Flain: Bird
  • Vulk: Cat
  • Zorch: ???
  • Krader: Spongebob?
  • Seismo: Bull?
  • Shuff: ???
  • Teslo: Lizard
  • Zaptor: ???
  • Volectro: ???
  • Flurr: Dragon
  • Slumbo: Frog
  • Lunk: Brontosaur
  • Jawg: Dog
  • Gobba: Beaver
  • Chomly: ???
  • Kraw: Either a crab or a crawfish
  • Tentro: Either a squid or a octopus
  • Balk: Hammerhead Shark
  • Torts: Insect
  • Glomp: ???
  • Glurt: Dog
  • Footi: Goat?
  • Scorpi: Scorpion (Duh!)
  • Hoogi: Gorilla?
  • Wizwuz: Spider
  • Magnifo: Humanoid
  • Mesmo: Owl?
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