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User:Derekis/About me|About Me
User:Derekis/Friendships| Friends
| [[image:Rad_Fun!_Rad_Fun!.jpg|200px]]
User:Derekis/Mixels (Derekis's version)|My version of Mixels
User:Derekis/Mixes & Murps|Mixes/Murps
|bgcolor="#8A8A8A" align=left style="padding:0px 10px; -moz-border-radius-topright:3px; -moz-border-radius-bottomright:3px;"| '''Rad Fun! Rad Fun!'''
This Mixel is known as Seismo! A shy, almost nervous Mixel. If he gets restless, he'll use his earthshaking feet to make the floor rumble. Seismo is a gentle giant.
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==This is where it starts...==
Hello my name is Derekis, aka Derekspan on DeviantART.
NOTE: Please don't edit this page or your gonna face the wrath of Derekis, which is really bad and painful.
[[File:Seismo_happy.jpg|thumb|Seismo is here! RAD FUN! RAD FUN!]]
[ Here is my DeviantART!]
[ Here my random SSB Leaks Wiki, but remember these leaks are NOT real.]
UPDATE 9/10/14: My Sandbox of randomness is [[User:Derekis/Sandbox|HERE!!!]]
UPDATE 10/4/14: I hid something... But you are gonna have to find it in my userpage.
UPDATE 10/6/14: I am offically the first person to get the Frosty (30 Days) Badge.
UPDATE 10/10/14: I will be Flain just for my enjoyment.
UPDATE 10/18/14: I will finally be Seismo again.
UPDATE 10/29/14: YAHOO! I GOT 1000 EDITS!
==Things about me==
|Color = Orange
|name = Derekis the Torchic|image = [[File:DerekisTheTorchic.png|thumb|150px]]
|appear = July 2014
|tribe = The Chatters
|position = Chat Moderator
|gender = Male
|color = Orange
(White in real life)
|features = Don't feel like listing.
|likes = Mixels
Super Smash Bros.
Wonder Pets (strangely)
Cheez-its (THEY'RE SO GOOD!)
|dislikes = Vandals
|quote = DON'T TOUCH IT!
|voice = Derekis himself|CAM = This is Sewious
*I'm 14 years old and was born in 2000.
*I'm in 9th Grade and I'm a Freshmen.
*I'm always in my room on my computer.
*I like to draw pictures.
*I'm somewhat shy.
*I'm on the Behemoth Forums. I've been on there before this wikia was created and before Mixels were even revealed. (I joined the Behemoth Forums on May 26 2013.)
*Like many users on here, I have anger problems.[[File:Burger King Big Kids Meal Pokémon Trading Night - Commercial|thumb|right|273 px|GET YOUR POKEMON TOYS ONLY AT DEREKIS'S USER PAGE! ONLY ONE MUCK! ]]
*Most of the time, I'm Seismo. But I might be other Mixels and even non-Mixels at times. (I could be Flain and maybe even Torchic, a Pokemon)
*I have a strange obsession with Wonder Pets since I first saw it in 2006 (8 years ago, that's a ''LONG'' time ago.).
*I was the one that started the Coconut Fred stuff. So call me the guy who brought Coconut Fred to this wikia.
*I have '''''VERY''''' low tolerance. Many things annoy me. But some things ''actually'' make me beat up people.
*I like murps more than mixes because they are funny and their abilities just make me laugh.
*'''Me''' greatest Dig-Dig.
==Mixels (Derekis's version)==
[[User:Derekis/Mixels (Derekis's version)]]
Here are my versions of the Mixels we all know and love (and hate). Plus new tribes with new Mixels and more types of MIXING! Also, more PIE!
==Favorite Mixel of each series==
*Series 1: Seismo
*Series 2: Jawg
*Series 3: Torts
*Series 4: Rokit
==Favorite Mixel of Each Tribe==
*Infernites 2014: Flain (My second favorite)
*Cragsters: SEISMO! SEISMO! (My all time favorite)
*Electroids: Zaptor (He is just too funny!)
*Frosticons: Flurr
*Fang Gang: Jawg (I think he's cute)
*Flexers: Tentro
*Glorp Corp: Torts
*Spikels: Hoogi (I like the other two as well.)
*Wiztastics: Mesmo (He needs more fans. :(  )
*Orbitonz: Rokit
*Infernites 2015: Burnard
*Glowkies: Globert
==My Friendships with other users==
==Do I have that Mixel?==
<gallery type="slideshow" position="center">
Flain Set.png|Yes
Vulk Set.png|Yes
Zorch Set.png|Yes
Krader Set.png|Yes
Seismo Set.png|You should know this by now.
Shuff Set.png|Yes
Teslo Set.png|Yes
Zaptor Set.png|Yes
Volectro Set.png|Yes
Flurr Set.jpg|Yes
Slumbo Set.jpg|Yes
Lunk Set.jpg|Yes
Jawg Set.jpg|Yes
1000px-Gobba Set.jpg|Yes
Chomly Set.jpg|Yes
Kraw Set.jpg|Yes
Tentro Set.jpg|Yes
Balk Set.jpg|Yes
Glomp Set.jpg|Yes
Glurt Set.jpg|Yes
Torts Set.jpg|Yes
Scorpi Set.jpg|Yes
Hoogi Set.jpg|Yes
Footi Set.jpg|Yes
Magnifo Set.jpg|Yes
Wizwuz Set.jpg|Yes
Mesmo Set.jpg|Yes
Nurp-Naut Set.jpg|No
Burnard Set.jpg|No
Globert Set.jpg|No
==My Mixes/Murps (You can request me to draw up to 2 Mixes/Murps.)==
NOTE: Only registered users can request me.
<gallery widths="100" captionalign="center" bordercolor="accent">
Volectro Shuff Murp.png|Shuff/Volectro Murp
Teslo Kraw Murp.png|Teslo/Kraw Murp
Torts Flurr Murp.png|Flurr/Torts Murp
Zaptor Gobba Mix.png|Zaptor/Gobba Mix
Derekis Slumbo Torts Mix.png|Slumbo/Torts Mix (Requested by MorganJordan)
Derekis Flain Balk Murp.png|Flain/Balk Murp (Requested by Hyperealistic Gaben)
Derekis Vulk Magnifo Mix.png|Vulk/Magnifo Mix (Requested by MorganJordan)
Derekis Kraw Vampos Mix.png|Kraw/Vampos Mix
Derekis Vulk Mesmo Mix.png|Vulk/Mesmo Mix (Requested by D Mix Hel S)
Derekis Teslo Scorpi Mix.png|Teslo/Scorpi Mix (Requested by MorganJordan)
Derekis Torts Magnifo Mix.png|Torts/Magnifo Mix (Requested by Jonathan.menges)
Zorch Rokit Murp.png|Zorch/Rokit Murp
Derekis Seismo Footi Mix.png|Seismo/Footi Mix (Part of a Mix Dual with Supercoco142)
Derekis Chomly Wizwuz Mix.png|Chomly/Wizwuz Mix (Requested by Hyperealistic Gaben)
Derekis Alt Hoogi Magnifo Mix.png|Alt. Hoogi/Magnifo Mix (Requested by Hyperealistic Gaben)
Derekis Lunk Hoogi Murp.png|Lunk/Hoogi Murp (Requested by MorganJordan)
Derekis Flurr Scorpi Mix.png|Flurr/Scorpi Mix (Requested by FlurrFood24)
Derekis Vulk Jawg Murp.png|Vulk/Jawg Murp (Requested by MorganJordan)
Derekis Volectro Slumbo Mix.png|Volectro/Slumbo Mix (Requested by MorganJordan)
Derekis Flain Seismo Murp.png|Flain/Seismo Murp (Derekis's version)
Derekis A Mix and a Murp.png|Zorch/Zaptor Mix and Lunk/Kraw Murp (Requested by ChillyFreeze)
Derekis Alt. Glurt Wizwuz Mix.png|Alt. Glurt/Wizwuz Mix (Requested by Hyperealistic Gaben)
Derekis Flain Coconut Fred Mix.png|Flain/Coconut Fred Mix (Requested by Hyperealistic Gaben and Coconut Fred is not a Mixel.)
Derekis A pair of Seismo Mixes.png|Seismo/Nurp-Naut Mix and Seismo/Kraw Mix (Both requested by Dadaw)
Derekis Zaptor Tentro and Jawg Glurt Mixes.png|Zaptor/Tentro Mix and Jawg Glurt Mix (Both requested by Jaredqwe)
Derekis Electroid Mixes with some Leaders.png|Teslo/Magnifo Mix, Volectro/Scorpi Mix and Zaptor/Flurr Mix (Teslo/Magnifo and Volectro/Scorpi Mix were requested by MorganJordan and Zaptor/Flurr Mix was made by me.
Derekis Glurt and Willow mix with Slumbo.png|Glurt/Slumbo Mix and Willow/Slumbo Mix (Both requested by Jaredqwe and Willow is not a Mixel.)
Derekis LEGENDARY FLAIN SEISMO MIX.png|Flain/Seismo Mix (Requested by Hyperealistic Gaben and this mix is a LEGEND!)
===LEGO Versions===
Kraw teslo log murp.png|Made by Dadaw
Most_of_the_mixes_Derekis_made.png|Made by Hyperealistic Gaben
NEW_MIXES_YAY.png|Made by Hyperealistic Gaben
Vampos_Kraw_mix.png|Made by Dadaw
Lunk Hoogi murp..png|Made by Dadaw
Electdroids Mixes With Some Leaders..png|Made by Dadaw
===Abilities of each Mix/Murp===
*Shuff/Volectro Murp: Bounces around uncontrollably, Creates rocks that hits itself.
*Teslo/Kraw Murp: Can be used for Log Toss
*Flurr/Torts Murp: Freezes itself and floods things with frozen slime.
*Zaptor/Gobba Mix: He can eat things and spit out electrical blasts.
*Slumbo/Torts Mix: He can body slam into things and turn them into living slime creatures that attack Nixels.
*Flain/Balk Murp: Unlike most murps who are dumb, this Murp is very aggressive and rather intelligent. It attacks things and turns them into creatures who look and act like him.
*Vulk/Magnifo Mix: He can create magical flames, But he can end up getting burnt like Magnifo's last show when Magnifo tried to do a trick and he got burned.
*Kraw/Vampos Mix: He can bite into things with his rubber vampire teeth.
*Vulk/Mesmo Mix: Flapping his wings summons volcanoes that erupt magic.
*Teslo/Scorpi Mix: Can sting and electrocute things with his tail.
*Torts/Magnifo Mix: He can perform slimy magic tricks.
*Zorch/Rokit Murp: Tries to shoot lasers, but burns itself.
*Seismo/Footi Mix: He dances while he creates earthquakes.
*Chomly/Wziwuz Mix: Burps magic breath that makes anything it touches smelly.
*Alt. Hoogi/Magnifo Mix: Creates paper clones of Hoogi and Magnifo.
*Lunk/Hoogi Murp: Freezes things and cuts them.
*Flurr/Scorpi Mix: Shoots spikes made of ice.
*Vulk/Jawg Murp: Shoots fiery teeth uncontrollably.
*Slumbo/Volectro Mix: Electrifies himself while shooting electric ice cubes
*Flain/Seismo Murp: One of the few controllable murps.
*Zorch/Zaptor Mix: Shoots electric lava by his rod.
*Lunk/Kraw Murp: Another controllable murp.
*Alt. Wizwuz/Glurt Mix: Burps slimy magical snot.
*Seismo/Nurp-Naut Mix: Burps space rocks.
*Kraw/Seismo Mix: Shoots rubbery rocks out of his mouth.
*Tentro/Zaptor Mix: Spits rubbery electric drool.
*Jawg/Glurt Mix: Shoots logs made out of snot.
* Teslo/Magnifo Mix: Shoots electric magic out of his tail.
* Volectro/Scorpi Mix: Spits electric spikes.
* Flurr/Zaptor Mix: Has electric ice breath.
* Slumbo/Glurt Mix: Spews frozen slime.
* Slumbo/Willow Mix: Spins around like a vortex and emits frozen paint
Derekis Orbitonz.jpg|The Orbitonz
Derekis Tentro-Chan.jpg|Tentro-Chan
Derekis We are the Glorp Corp.jpg|We are the Glorp Corp!
Derekis Magnifo's Show.jpg|Magnifo's Show
Mixels Series 1 group picture Derekis.jpg|Series 1 group picture
[[File:DerekisLogo.png|frame|left|Made by KTMWikia8000]]
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[[File:LOOK_AT_HIM!.png|thumb|right|22px|LOOK AT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]]
==<span style="font-size:20px;">THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS!</span>==
[[Category:Chat Moderators]]
[[Category:Chat Moderators]]

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