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LEGO Versions

Abilities of each Mix/Murp

  • Shuff/Volectro Murp: Bounces around uncontrollably, Creates rocks that hits itself.
  • Teslo/Kraw Murp: Can be used for Log Toss
  • Flurr/Torts Murp: Freezes itself and floods things with frozen slime.
  • Zaptor/Gobba Mix: He can eat things and spit out electrical blasts.
  • Slumbo/Torts Mix: He can body slam into things and turn them into living slime creatures that attack Nixels.
  • Flain/Balk Murp: Unlike most murps who are dumb, this Murp is very aggressive and rather intelligent. It attacks things and turns them into creatures who look and act like him.
  • Vulk/Magnifo Mix: He can create magical flames, But he can end up getting burnt like Magnifo's last show when Magnifo tried to do a trick and he got burned.
  • Kraw/Vampos Mix: He can bite into things with his rubber vampire teeth.
  • Vulk/Mesmo Mix: Flapping his wings summons volcanoes that erupt magic.
  • Teslo/Scorpi Mix: Can sting and electrocute things with his tail.
  • Torts/Magnifo Mix: He can perform slimy magic tricks.
  • Zorch/Rokit Murp: Tries to shoot lasers, but burns itself.
  • Seismo/Footi Mix: He dances while he creates earthquakes.
  • Chomly/Wziwuz Mix: Burps magic breath that makes anything it touches smelly.
  • Alt. Hoogi/Magnifo Mix: Creates paper clones of Hoogi and Magnifo.
  • Lunk/Hoogi Murp: Freezes things and cuts them.
  • Flurr/Scorpi Mix: Shoots spikes made of ice.
  • Vulk/Jawg Murp: Shoots fiery teeth uncontrollably.
  • Slumbo/Volectro Mix: Electrifies himself while shooting electric ice cubes
  • Flain/Seismo Murp: One of the few controllable murps.
  • Zorch/Zaptor Mix: Shoots electric lava by his rod.
  • Lunk/Kraw Murp: Another controllable murp.
  • Alt. Wizwuz/Glurt Mix: Burps slimy magical snot.
  • Seismo/Nurp-Naut Mix: Burps space rocks.
  • Kraw/Seismo Mix: Shoots rubbery rocks out of his mouth.
  • Tentro/Zaptor Mix: Spits rubbery electric drool.
  • Jawg/Glurt Mix: Shoots logs made out of snot.
  • Teslo/Magnifo Mix: Shoots electric magic out of his tail.
  • Volectro/Scorpi Mix: Spits electric spikes.
  • Flurr/Zaptor Mix: Has electric ice breath.
  • Slumbo/Glurt Mix: Spews frozen slime.
  • Slumbo/Willow Mix: Spins around like a vortex and emits frozen paint
  • Flain/Krader Murp/Glurt/Scorpi Murp Murp: Slimes and cuts things and burns them.
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