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DeKrogMination logo.png
Joined Wiki June 25, 2015
Age 16
Tribe None yet.
Wiki Position Regular user (since I joined-March 8)
Chat moderator (Mar 8-Today)
Gender Male
Likes Mixels
Spongebob Squarepants
Crack shipping
Mashing up Undertale AUs
Dislikes Yaoi
Fandom drama
People disrespecting me or my friends
Overly random randomness
Quote "The fact that you made a bad pun with the word 'determination' fills you with dekrogmination."

Life ain't easy, just like a whirlwind. However, once you get used to it, it'll be fine as a breeze.
— Me
— Me

Aye! Name's DeKrogMination (formerly The-Adventure-Krog)! You may know me as MixelTime in DeviantArt.

Deviant ID.png


  • I'm currently in grade 11 at high school.
  • I'm Indonesian.
  • I'm afraid of cockroaches
  • I can be moody at times.
  • I'm mostly a nice guy, but I DO have anger issues. So, don't try to tick me off.
  • I'm a both traditional and digital artist.
  • I have a strong disliking for yaoi.
  • I use emoticons a lot. :y
  • I say "Aye" (and lesser extent, "Ayy" or "Ahoy!") whenever I joined the chat or greeting people.
  • I'd rather stay neutral in agruments.
  • Ii lik ot ake tyupos.

ATGif 12.gif


  • Krog
  • TAK
  • TAKo
  • Axo
  • Adventure Krog

Add more if you want to lol

Me and the Fandom

I discovered this wiki on late October 2014. At that time, I only looked at the images page or Dads' wall ('coz I love his LEGO creations :y). I stayed as a silent reader on this wiki until now.

On DeviantArt, (pessumably) late November 2014, I discovered this site as I found Zoot's and Predaspark's posts, then I found TheMixelsFanClub. I started as a silent reader there until May 10 (which is one day before my birthday. Mark that, mmkay? :y)

Users I'd like to mention here and Friends

I'm mostly a friend to everyone here, but there's some users that I wanna mention here.

If you wanna be on this list, tell me in my message wall. The rules are simple: Be nice to me.

Mixels I have

Currently I have all Mixels from S1-S6 except Gox, Spugg, and Slusho (krammit!), Tiketz, Tapsy, and Paladum.

Also includes my Glorp Corp and Muncho additions (which is made from the 2014 Glorp Corp and Muncho parts, respectively), ARIMOC, Speedney, and Gooze.

My Mixels has a risk of pieces breaking off, especially to the older ones like S1 Mixels due to my habits breaking them off for making custom Mixes/Murps.

My Fan Characters

Yep, I made tons of Mixels OCs since I joined dA :P. My fan tribes as it from now are (in publishing order):

Fan Tribes

Fanseries 1

The Rokisplosives

The Spinnados

The Flashlamps

Fanseries 2

The Rapidgunners

The Teargushers

The Jetwings

Fanseries 3

The Hammetiems

The Spicilads (Adopted from Phoeshock)

The Futurions

Fanseries 4

The Caverens

The Scribbliddles

The Laserions

Fanseries 5

Pizza Pals (Adopted from MixelSark)

The Golfins

The Babreths

Fanseries 6

The Plasticlays

The Mixopolis Secret Agency

The Invisimists

Fanseries 7

The Teleportals

The Deliverixels

The Mindwarpers

Fanseries 8

The Xenomixels

The Samurei family

The Reinguis

Fanseries 9

The Alterjecters

The Stickigummers

The Faeriwishies

Fanseries 10

The S'more Folks

The Hottoderz

The Intermemes

Fanseries 11

The Scentaromas

Captain Mixoo's Heroic Crew

The Restaurantics

Fanseries 12

The Shildurs

Mixopolis City Beach Patrol

The Paravolvers

Standalone OCs

Krohootus (Which is also my Mixelsona)

A Random Infernite MOC

Speedney (Redesign)

Gooze (formerly Styme) (Redesign)

Shazam and Ares

Dr. Murperson

Random Weldo MOC

Blazaucer (bought from Supercoco142)

Tribe additions


Glorp Corp





Delirious (My DeviantPET)

My Favorite Mixels Each Tribe

Thanks, The Golden Cubit!

  • Infernites 2014: Vulk-Zorch-Flain
  • Cragsters: Shuff-Seismo-Krader
  • Electroids: Volectro-Zaptor-Teslo
  • Frosticons 2014: Lunk-Flurr-Slumbo
  • Fang Gang: Chomly-Jawg-Gobba
  • Flexers: Tentro-Balk-Kraw
  • Glorp Corp 2014: Glomp-Torts-Glurt
  • Spikels: Hoogi-Footi-Scorpi
  • Wiztastics: Mesmo-Wizwuz-Magnifo
  • Orbitons: Rokit-Niksput-Nurp-Naut
  • Infernites 2015: Meltus-Burnard-Flamzer
  • Glowkies: Boogly-Vampos-Globert
  • Klinkers: Jinky-Kamzo-Gox
  • Frosticons 2015: Krog-Snoof-Chillbo
  • Lixers: Turg-Tungster-Spugg
  • Weldos: Wuzzo-Kramm-Forx
  • Glorp Corp 2015: Gurggle-Dribbal-Slusho
  • Munchos: Berp-Vaka-Waka-Snax
  • MCPD: Tiketz-Kuffs-Busto
  • Medievals: Paladum-Mixadel-Camillot
  • The Mixies: Tapsy-Jamzy-Trumpsy
  • MCFD: Aquad-Hydro-Splasho
  • Pyrratz: Sharx-Lewt-Skulzy
  • Medix: Skrubz-Surgeo-Tuth
  • Newzers: Camsta-Myke-Screeno
  • Nindjas : Mysto-Spinza-Cobrax
  • Trashoz: Compax-Sweepz-Gobbol

Italic means unsure, might be changed later.

Favorite Tribes

  • S1: Electroids
  • S2: Fang Gang
  • S3: Spikels
  • S4: Orbitons and 2015 Infernites
  • S5: ALL OF 'EM
  • S6: Weldos and Munchos
  • S7: MCPD and Mixies
  • S8: ALL OF 'EM
  • S9: Nindjas and Trashoz

Italic means unsure, might be changed later.

Favorite Mixels Each Series (A.K.A. The Dream Team)

  • S1: Volectro
  • S2: Chomly
  • S3: Hoogi (2nd favorite)
  • S4: Meltus (3rd favorite)
  • S5: Krog (All-time favorite)
  • S6: Gurggle
  • S7: Tiketz
  • S8: Skrubz
  • S9: Compax

Italic means unsure, might be changed later in the future.

LDD Creations

User:DeKrogMination/LDD Creations



A Completely Random Gallery

That's all, folks!

Hmm.gif--hmm (talk) 12:15, August 20, 2016 (UTC)

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