aka Bri

  • I live in none of ur business
  • I was born on July 5
  • My occupation is artist and animator
  • I am none of ur business
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Yo, name's Bria. But please call me Bri or Dark, whichever you prefer :P

Anyway, I'm just an average fan of Mixels and a bunch of other stuff. I also draw stuff and mostly put it on deviantART.

Joined Wiki August 21, 2014
Age  ?
Tribe Uhhh
Wiki Position Member
Gender Female
Likes Mixels

Kirby Sonic Pokémon Other stuff

Dislikes Mary Sues and Gary Stues

The Wiztastics Magnifo Zorch(a little)

Quote Harro

Facts about me

  • I'm currently 13 years old.
  • I despise the Wiztastics. Don't ask why.
  • I sometimes love overrated and underrated Mixels
  • I like a bunch of crap
  • I'm pretty obsessed with almost everything
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