Here you can see my creations that have nothing to do with Mixels.

Bionicle OCs


Name of Set Team/Group Village Type Image
Jakaru None Onu-Koro AV-Matoran
Jakaru and The Toa Suit
Jakaru and The Toa Suit 2
Jakaru and the Toa Suit 3
Jakaru and The Toa Suit 4

Credit to the "Matoran Maker"

Enarug Rahi None Enarug
Enarug 2
Otupo and Osuro None Po-Koro

Otupo: Po-Matoran

Osuro: Unkown

Otupo and Osuro
Otupo and Osuro 2
Otupo and Osuro 3

Credit to the "Matoran Maker"

Geta Toa of Water Toa Alta (Leader) None Half Skadi and Half Toa
Welfa Toa of Earth Toa Alta (Founder and Former Leader) None Half Skadi and Half Toa
Twist Toa of Air Toa Alta None Half Skadi and Half Toa
Twist 2
Otupo Toa of Stone Toa Alta Origin from Po-Koro Toa
Toa Otupo
Frios Toa of Ice Toa Alta Origin from Ko-Koro Toa
Lihahu Toa of Fire Toa Alta None Half Makuta and Half Toa
Jakaru Toa of Light Toa Alta Origin from Onu-Koro Toa
Toa Jakaru


Story 1

Long time after that the Toa arrived, some young villagers became toa, the Lightning Region heard about new dangers on Okoto, so the Maser of Lightning which arrived along with the original toa, and the Protector of Lightning came to Okoto to see the new threats, the Dark Lord sent his monsters to get control on the Toa's elemental power, after that the monsters defeated, 4 Monsters, Lihahu, Twist, Welfa and Geta wanted to help the Toa. Some moments after,  a young villager name Jakaru from the Earth Region was chosen by destiny to become the Toa of light and stop the Dark Lord.

Wave 1

Name of Set Special Mask Included Image
Etrau Master of Lightning Golden Mask of Lightning
Etrau Master of Lightning
Etrau Master of Lightning 2
Otupo Master of Stone None
Frios Master of Ice None
Flertu Master of Jungle None
Bernul Master of Fire None
Mizra Master of Water None
Protector of Lightning None
Protector of Lightning

Avun Monster of the Dessert

Infected Mask of Stone
Cerdus Monster of the Blizard Infected Mask of Ice
Twist Monster of the Forests Infected Mask of Jungle
Lihahu Monster of the Volcanos Infected Mask of Fire
Geta Monster of the Sea Infected Mask of Water
Geta Monster of The Sea
Welfa Monster of the Caves None
Combination of Image
Etrau Master of Lightning + Protector of Lightning
Etrau Master of Lightning Protector of Lightning Combi

LEGO Doctor Who

Sets based on the show Doctor Who

Name of Set Characters Photo/s

The Pandroica

  • The 11th Doctor
  • Amy
  • Rorry (Roman)
  • Rorry (Museum Guard)
  • Stone Daleks(x3)
  • New Paradigm Daleks(x5)
  • Sontaran Soliders(x2)
  • Stark
  • Judoon Soliders(x2)
  • Unmasked Judoon
The Pandorica
The Regenerations
  • The 1st Doctor
  • The 2nd Doctor
  • The 3rd Doctor
  • The 4th Doctor
  • The 5th Doctor
  • The 6th Doctor
  • The 7th Doctor
  • The 8th Doctor
  • War Doctor
  • The 9th Doctor
  • The 10th Doctor (x2)
  • The 11th Doctor (x2)
  • The 11th Doctor (old)
  • The 12th Doctor
  • River Song (Astronaut suit)
  • The Brig
  • Sarah Jane
The Doctor Regenerations LEGO

LEGO The Flash

Name of Set Characters Photo/s
  • Barry Allen/The Flash
  • Cisco Ramon/Vibe
  • Caitlin Snow
  • Harrison Wells (Earth 2)
  • Jay Garrick
  • Martin Stein
  • Jefferson Jackson (NOTE:You can give him the fire parts and now you can use Firestorm)
  • Joe West
  • Iris West
STAR Labs.lxf
STAR Labs 1.lxf
STAR Labs 3.lxf
Star Labs main image.lxf

LEGO Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

LEGO sets based on the mobile app, Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

Name of Set Characters Spell/s Photo
Magic Touch Set
  • Wizard
  • Gladiator
  • Knight(1)
  • Knight(2)
  • Barbarian
  • Thief
  • Griffin
  • Hourglass
Magic Touch Set
Knights Pack
  • Gladiator
  • Knight(1)(x4)
  • Knight(2)(x3)
  • Barbarian(x1)
  • Thief
Magic Touch Knights Pack
King Set
  • King
Magic Touch King
Griffin and Treasure
  • Griffin
Magic Touch Griffin and treasure
  • Wizard
  • Wicked Witch of N7
  • Merlin
  • The Owl Curse
  • Gene the Geine
  • Crazy cat lady
  • Magician
  • Invinzi Bill
  • Voodoo Shaman
  • The Skull
  • Evil Warlock
Magic Touch Wizards pack
Spells Pack 1 None
  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Cannons
Magic Touch Spells Pack 1

LEGO Jurassic Park/World Mr. DNA

LEGO Mr. DNA by Dadaw
Mr. DNA from Jurassic Park/World in LEGO Form

LEGO My Singing Monsters

Name of Monster Photo/s
LEGO Noggin
Rare Noggin
Rare Noggin
LEGO Quarrister
Rare Quarrister
LEGO Rare Quarrister
LEGO Jeeode
LEGO dragong
LEGO Reebro
LEGO Arackulele
LEGO Fung Pray
LEGO Jellbilly
LEGO Cybop
Rare Cybop
LEGO Rare Cybop
LEGO Kayna

LEGO Teen Titans Go!

LEGO Version of Characters in the set Photo/s
Titan Robot
  • Cyborg
  • Robin
  • Beast Boy
  • Raven
  • Starfire
Teen Titans Go Titan Robot
Titans Tower
  • Robin
    • Robin(Sleeping)
  • Beast Boy
    • Beast Boy(Cat)
  • Raven
  • Starfire
    • Starfire(room)
  • Cyborg
    • Cyborg with Teddy bear
  • Silkie
Teen Titans Tower WIP


Titans Tower
T-Car(version 1)
  • Cyborg
Ed's Car
  • Robin
  • Ed
Ed's Car
Teen Titans Pets vs. The Brain
  • Birdarang
    • Birdarang(Android)
  • Beat Box
  • Super Robin
  • Pain-Bot
  • Dave
  • The Brain
Teen Titans Pets vs. The Brain
The Batcave
  • Robin
    • Robin (when acting Batman/Alfred)
  • Starfire
    • Starfire(Batgirl)
  • Beast Boy
    • Beast Boy(Bat)
    • Beast Boy(T-Rex)
  • Cyborg
  • Raven
  • Batman
    • Batman(Thermo Suit)
Teen Titans Go Batcave

LEGO Danny Phantom

Name of Set Characters Photo/s
Danny Phantom vs. Vlad Plasimus
  • Danny (Ghost)
  • Danny (Reular)
  • Danny (Invincible)
  • Vlad Plasimus (Regular)
  • Vkad Plasimus (Ghost)
  • Vlad Plasimus (Invincible)
  • Maddie Fenton (mask)
  • Jack Fenton (mask)
  • Jazz Fenton
  • Bird Ghosts (x3)
Danny vs. Vlad Plasimus
Danny vs. Vlad Plasimus 1
Danny vs. Vlad Plasimus 2
Danny vs. Vlad Plasimus 3
Danny vs. Vlad Plasimus 4
Danny vs. Vlad Plasimus 5
Danny vs. Vlad Plasimus 6

LEGO Dimensions Custom Sets

The vehicels and gadgets game Model and Others

Name Vehicel/Gadget/Unusable Image/s
TARDIS Vehicle
Energy-Brust TARDIS Vehicle
Energy Brust TARDIS
Laser-Pulse TARDIS Vehicle
Laser-Pulse TARDIS
Cybermat Unusable
LEGO Dimensions Cybermat
Wheatley Unusable
LEGO Dimensions Wheatley

Custom Packs

Level Packs

Name Include Image/s Rebuilds Level
Mixels Level Pack
  • Nurp-Naut(Character) 
  • Bed(Vehicle)
  • Ship-Space(Vehicle)
Mixels Mixel Moon level pack
Advanture in Mixelverse
Fairly Oddparents Level Pack
  • Timmy Turner (Character)
  • Carsmo (Vehicle)
  • Wanda Airplane and Poof Blaster
Fairly Oddparents Level Pack
Carsmo rebuild 1

Rebuild 1(Carsmo)-Hover Carsmo

Fairly Oddparents Level Pack.png Carsmo rebuild 2

Rebuild 2(Carsmo)-Cosmo Boat

Fairly Oddparents Level Pack Wanda and Poof Rebuild 1

Rebuild 1(Wanda Airplae and Poof Blaster)-Wanda Mech with Poof as a Blaster

Fairly Oddparents Level Pack Wanda and Poof Rebuild 2

Rebuild 2(Wanda Ariple and Poof Blaster)-Wanda Car and Poof Blaster

Team Packs

Name Include Image/s Rebuilds
Flain and Seismo Team Pack
  • Flain(Character)
  • Seismo(Character)
  • Flying Rainbow Cubit(Vehicel)
  • Coconapple tree(Gadget)
Mixels Team Pack Flain and Seismo

Fun Packs

Name Include Image/s Rebuilds
Rokit Fun Pack
  • Rokit(Character)
  • Rokit Sauce car(Vehicel)
Mixels Fun Pack Rokit
Mixels Fun Pack Rokit Rebuild 1 Sauce Tank

Rebuild 1-Sauce Tank

Mixels Fun Pack Rokit Rebuild 2 Sauce Scorpion

Rebuild 2-Sauce Scorpion

Tungster Fun Pack
  • Tungster(Character)
  • Umbrella Tree(Gadget)
Mixels Fun Pack Tungster
Nixels Fun Pack
  • Nixel(Character)
  • Mega Nixel Mixel Nixer(Vehicel)
Nixels Fun Pack LEGO
Nixels Fun Pack rebuild 1-Nixel Car

Rebuild 1-Nixel Car

Nixels Fun Pack rebuild 2-Nixel Train

Rebuild 2-Nixel Train

Darvros Fun Pack
  • Davros(Character)
  • Supreme Dalek(Vehicel)
Davros Fun Pack
Davros Fun Pack rebuild 1-Laser Cannon Dalek

Rebuild 1-Laser Cannon Dalek

Davros Fun Pack rebuild 2-Dalek Spaceship

Rebuild 2-Maximum Extermination Ray

LEGO Transformers

OC characters

Name Transform to



Extra weapons Side Photo/s
BF Jet Drive Jet
  • Daul Swords
  • Rocket launcher
  • Laser Sword

No side(Former)



BF jet Drive robot form

Robot form

Bf jet drive ariplane form
BF Cannon drive Tank
  • Rocket launcer
  • Laser Cannon



New BF Canon Drive
BF Truck Drive Truck
  • Shield
  • Laser Gun
BF Truck Drive
BF Crash Drive Truck
  • Concrete /Laser Blaster
  • Laser Shield
Bf crash drive
BF Rocket Drive Space Shuttle
  • Flame Thrower
  • Laser Flail
Bf rocket drive
War Jump Rocket Truck(If I am not mistake how it called XD)
  • Rocket launcher
None  Decepticon
War Jump
Truckattack FBI Truck(with turret)
  • Turret
None Autobot
Skytrap Jet
  • 2 blades sword
  • Sowrd
  • Camera
None Decepticon
Warpblast Helicopter
  • Shield
  • Shuriken



Speedwheel Quadbike
  • Double guns
None Autobot
Firewheel Car None
  • Double laser blasters(he packing it, it no a part of his transform)
Quick-C(part of Speedcube) Motorcycle
  • Double guns
None Decepticon
Quick-C Artwork
Wheelspeed(part of Speedcube) Motorcycle
  • Double guns
None Decepticon
Triplespeed(part of Speedcube) Trike None None Decepticon
Hidebox(part of Speedcube) Cybertronian Box
  • Energon hand blaster
None Decepticon
Soundspeed(part of Speedcube) Quadbike
  • Double knifes
None Decepticon
Quadspeed(part of Speedcube) Quadbike
  • Double blasters
None Decepticon
Skyblast/Skyblaster Jet
  • Double swords
  • Blaster
  • 2 Miniguns as one weapon
None Autobot
Flytrap Dragonfly
  • 2 Blades/Blasters
None Insecticon/Decepticon
Drillmaster Drill Vehicle
  • Drill sword
  • Bombs
None Autobot
Trackdown(part of Giantsmasher) Jeep
  • Tornados maker
None Decepticon
Blastshoot(part of Giantsmasher) (Forgot the name XD)
  • Shield
  • 2 miniguns(2 upper wheels)
  • Hover(2 midlle wheels)
None Decepticon
Crasher(part of Giantsmasher) Wrecking Ball Vehicle
  • Wrecking Ball
None Decepticon
Longclaw(part of Giantsmasher) Claw Truck
  • Claw
None Decepticon
Tankshoot(part of Giantsmasher) Tank
  • Rocket Launchers
None Decepticon
Hoverlaunce(Credit to TFFK on the idea and the name) Cybertronian Ambulance
  • Blades
None Decepticon
Fireslide(Part of Hot-N-Cold) Cybertronian Car
  • Fire blaster
None Autobot
Iceslide(Part of Hot-N-Cold) Cybertronian Car
  • Ice blaster
None Autobot
Hypnoshoot Car
  • Shield
  • Hypnotaion Helmet
None Decepticons

OC combinations

NOTE: As the title saying the Transformers here are OCs

Name Combined Transformers Weapons Extra weapons Side Photo/s
BF Combined
  • BF Jet Drive
  • BF Cannon Drive
  • BF Rocket Drive
  • BF Crash Drive
  • BF Truck Drive
  • Shiled/Cannon
  • All the BF Weapons
BF Combined
  • Triplespeed
  • Hidebox
  • Quick-C
  • Wheelspeed
  • Quadspeed
  • Soundspeed
  • Blasters on his arms and legs
None Decepticon
  • Tankshoot
  • Longclaw
  • Crasher
  • Blastshoot
  • Trackdown
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Wrecking Ball
None Decepticon
  • Fireslide
  • Iceslide
  • Fire Blaster
  • Ice blaster
None Autobot

Real characters models

Name Photo/s
Grimlock TFOC
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime
Sentinal Prime
Sentinal prime
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