Have fun time, don't from behind.
Coodug is a Frosticons Mixel.
Nicknames (aka): Stranger (Zorch), Mr. Dig (Seismo)

Tribe: Frosticons

Position: New Mixels

Gender Preference: Male

Color: Light blue, Light sky blue, Gray

Special features: Dig, a headphones

Likes: Dancing, Social media, Chocolate, Cayno, Video Games

Dislikes: Being burnt

Quote: "Why am i here?"



Coodug is rather silent, rather chilly. He is nice dance. He has a long journey, but doesn't want to know.

Physical Appearance

Coodug has oval body with rabbit-like ears, he has three black spikes in his back, he also black tail. He has black arms with light blue highlights with claws for right and dig for left. His feet are wearing light blue shoes highlights white, he also wearing a headphones.


He doesn't have idea about a dig on his left hand for using what, just like finding something mysterious, or to get out of trap

Memorable Quotes

  • "Everywhere is here" - Coodug
  • "The important one, happy" - Coodug
  • "My time is game, this is must gonna be fun" - Coodug


  • He is first character by him
  • His models possibility resemble Scrud

Behind the Scenes

Name and Basis

Coodug's name combined of "Cool" and "Dig"

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