White Star (Tarek)
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Joined Wiki September 13th, 2014*
Age 14
Tribe  ?
Wiki Position Member
Gender Male
Likes Games

Making Art

Dislikes Annoying People

Having to repeat myself

Quote "Who's Mesopotamia?"

Formerly Boycat2004/BoycatOfficial but my old wikia account got disabled in late 2016.

History of me being on this wiki

  • Old acc. banned from wiki on Dec. 6th, 2014 and unbanned ~August 2016?
  • Old account globally blocked November 2016.
  • New (current) account joined  this wiki on Feb 8., 2018


Mixels in each Tribe

2014 Infernites: Vulk

Cragsters: Krader

Electroids: Volectro

2014 Frosticons: Flurr

Fang Gang: Gobba

Flexers: Kraw

2014 Glorp Corp: Torts

Wiztastics: Magnifo

Spikels: Hoogi

Orbitons: Nurp-Naut

2015 Infernites: Flamzer

Glowkies: Globert

Klinkers: Kamzo

2015 Frosticons: Snoof

Lixers: Spugg

Weldos: Wuzzo

2015 Glorp Corp: Slusho

Munchos: Snax

MCPD: Busto

Medievals: Camillot

Mixies: Trumpsy

MCFD: Splasho

Pyrratz: Lewt

Medix: Skrubz

Trashoz: Compax

Nindjas: Cobrax

Newzers: Myke

Mixels I Own

I used to have them all, but various things happened to most of them. (Except for Series 2, I gave them to a friend who didn't have them, but had the rest of them.) I'm actually lazy and I will made this section later

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