aka YOLO

  • I live in Mountain City
  • My occupation is Leading
  • I am Awesome
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My Favorite Mixels in each Tribe

Infernites: Flamzer

Cragsters: Shuff

Electroids: Myself

Frosticons: Flurr

Fang Gang: Chomly

Flexers: Tentro

Glorp Corp: Torts

Spikels: Hoogi

Wiztastics: Mesmo

Orbitonz: Rokit

Glowkies: Boogly

My Mixels Checklist

Flain: Yes

Vulk: Yes

Zorch: Yes

Krader: Yes

Seismo: Yes

Shuff: Yes

Teslo: Yes

Zaptor: Yes

Volectro: Yes

Slumbo: Yes

Lunk: Yes

Flurr: Yes

Chomly: Yes

Gobba: Yes

Jawg: Yes

Kraw: Yes

Tentro: Yes

Balk: Yes

Glomp: Yes

Glurt: Yes

Torts: Yes

Footi: Yes

Scorpi: Yes

Hoogi: Yes

Mesmo: Yes

Magnifo: Yes

Wizwuz: Yes

Rokit: Yes

Niksput: Yes

Nurp-Naut: Yes

Burnard: Yes

Meltus: Yes

Flamzer: Yes

Globert: Yes

Vampos: Yes

Boogly: Yes

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