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|likes=Glorp Corp<br />Spikels<br />Cragsters<br />Animation<br />Video gaming
|likes=Glorp Corp<br />Spikels<br />Cragsters<br />Animation<br />Video gaming
|dislikes=Certain users<br />Whatever makes me depressed (too much to list)
|dislikes=Certain activity on this wiki
|quote="What the (NIX!) is this infomercial? WHO WOULD USE THIS?!"
|quote="What the (NIX!) is this infomercial? WHO WOULD USE THIS?!"
Hi, I am '''CoinsCP'''. Most people here know me as '''AClockworkOrange''', and alternatively, you can call me '''UntimelyRyan''' (but I prefer Coins). I have no idea what the heck I'm doing with my life when I'm at the minimum age to be on the wiki and people are being immature as hell. Yes, tons of people my age in my school have grown to be perverted idiots but it's not like 13 is the age for "talk sex like it's funny and laugh every time it's mentioned" for EVERY PERSON. And I'm really grossed out to go on a KIDS SHOW wiki to see this. 13+? This is 18+ talk.
Hi, I am '''CoinsCP'''. Most people here know me as '''AClockworkOrange''', and alternatively, you can call me '''UntimelyRyan''' (but I prefer Coins)..
==Who am I?==
==Who am I?==

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Joined Wiki May 29, 2014
Age  ?
Tribe None
Wiki Position Chat moderator
(September 7, 2014-
January 24, 2015)

Regular user
(May 29, 2014-
September 7, 2014;
January 24, 2015-
April 13, 2015)

(April 13, 2015-
Gender Male
Likes Glorp Corp
Video gaming
Dislikes Certain activity on this wiki
Quote "What the (NIX!) is this infomercial? WHO WOULD USE THIS?!"
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Hi, I am CoinsCP. Most people here know me as AClockworkOrange, and alternatively, you can call me UntimelyRyan (but I prefer Coins)..

Who am I?

I am a user on the Mixels Wiki who joined back in late May 2014, back when the second series of Season 1 was starting (specifically, the day after "Mix Over" and "Bar B Cubes" premiered). I was a chat moderator for a couple months before I was demoted (I wasn't active much on chat anyways).

There are many things to know about me, but listen to me on this. Don't mess with me. Please. There's never been anyone out there who understands me. I have anger issues, yes. I have problems with being social, yes. I have a depressive disorder, yes. But that's not a reason to bully, torment, or torture me.

I don't say this just to make you feel bad about me. I don't say this just so that the wiki or the world will revolve around me. I say this because no one understands me, I'm constantly bullied, tormented with, and tortured. Constantly driven into insanity or depression. And guess what I'll hear about me after that? "That guy's got issues." "Man, what's wrong with him?"

That's already caused tons of issues for me on this wiki, and Wikia as a whole. Same story told over and over again. A user comes on after I've been here for a while, and they'll randomly start bullying me, and then the admins will keep him there just because they're important in some stupid way, or because they don't give a (NIX!) about their own rules. And guess what? Either I quit or I get blocked. And that nearly happened on this wiki.

I just ask that I don't have to quit this wiki and that I don't get blocked unreasonably.

On other wikis

I call it Bogo Bogo!

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