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tis I, the chiller person

Mixel collection

I have every mixel from Series 1 to 8 (i also have duplicates of Flain, Kraw, and Tentro)

the 2014 mixels and some of the 2015 mixels are falling apart but I managed to save most of them

Mixel nicknames

(inspired by CMRdaawesomeguy)

Infernites 2014: Fire Birb, Hothands, Cragsters: Electroids: Sandwich, Hair-Game-On-Point Frosticons 2014: Fang Gang: Toothdog Flexers: Glorp Corp: Slimedog Spikels: Wiztastics: Orbitons: Space Elvis, Old Man Babby Infernites 2015: Sneezy Boy, Scaredy Boy, Snickery Boy Glowkies: Klinkers: Frosticons 2015: Lixers: Weldos: Glorp Corp 2015: Munchos: Blender Guy, Totem Guy MCPD: Medivals: Castle Boy, Catapult Boy, Horse Boy Mixies: Missing-In-Action-A MCFD: Bigmouth, Flyingmouth, Longmouth Pyrratz: Missing-In-Action-B Medix: Needle-Arm, Zap-Hands, Spooky Dentist Trashoz: Dumpster, Nixel-Eater, Wheelie Kramm Nindjas: Staff Samurai, Sais Snake, Spinny Swords

Favourite Mixels in each series

Series 1: Flain, Shuff, Volectro

Series 2: Slumbo, Gobba, Tentro

Series 3: Torts, Footi, Magnifo

Series 4: Nurp-Naut, Meltus, Vampos

Series 5: Jinky, Chilbo, Turg

Series 6: Wuzzo, Dribbal, Snax

Series 7: Busto, Camillot, Jamzy

Series 8: Splasho, Lewt, Skrubz

Series 9: Sweepz, Mysto, Myke

Favourite to least favourite Mixels in each tribe

Infernites: Meltus, Flain, Flamzer, Burnard, Zorch, Vulk, Pyrope, Cayno, Flare, Ash

Cragsters: Shuff, Seismo, Krader, Rocky, Boldurr

Electroids: Volectro, Wott, Teslo, Zaptor, Hurtz

Frosticons: Chilbo, Frostbite, Krog, Slumbo, Flurr, Snoof, Lunk, Shivor, Fridjerk, Narrator

Fang Gang: Gobba, Jawg, Chomly

Flexers: Slugber, Teacher, Squiddo, Tentro, Balk, Kraw

Glorp Corp: Booger, Torts, Glurt, Slusho, Dribbal, Globbie, Slymee, Oozly, Gurggle, Glomp

Spikels: Dawgi, Thornee, Scorpi, Brohawk, Ranger Jinx, Footi, Hoogi, Punkchure, Gate Keeper

Wiztastics: Magnifo, Mesmo, Wizwuz, Mr. Ius

Orbitons: Nurp-Naut, Rokit, Niksput, Astroy

Glowkies: Vampos, Boogly, Globert, Phosphee, Bats

Klinkers: Jinky, Gajet, Steelven, Principal Knave, Steemur, Kamzo, Koggpact, Gox, Tyecoon

Lixers: Turg, Spugg, Tungster

Weldos: Wuzzo, Kramm, Forx

Munchos: Snax, Berp, Vaka-Waka, Zabo, Banjoe, Crunchee, Gastropodd, Nummie, Twinzy-Twinsy, Referee, Byte, Gummo, Le Munch, Yumeedle, Munchstache

MCPD: Kuffs/Busto (tied), Tiketz, Sergeant

Medivals: Camillot/Mixadel (tied), Paladum, King

Mixies: Tied

MCFD: Splasho, Hydro, Aquad

Pyrratz: Sharx, Skulzy, Lewt

Medix: Skrubz, Surgeo, Tuth

Trashoz: Sweepz, Compax, Gobbol

Nindjas: Mysto, Cobrax, Spinza

Newzers: Myke, Camsta, Screeno

Mixes I made

https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/24159404/ and https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/54237738/

Random things


Me and CMRdaawesomeguy = C-Pals

flip is a pretty kool dude, go check him out

💵 💴 💶 💷 holla holla get dollar 💵 💴 💶 💷

eat them

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