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Mixels Unite
Release Date(s) TBA
Platform PC
Developer Various Mixels fans

Final Version


Mixels Unite is an upcoming, fan-created game based on the Mixels franchise that will be available on Windows computers. Support for other platforms, such as Mac, is currently unconfirmed. It is unknown when the game will release, although it will be available for free.


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Mixels Unite is a fangame developed by a team of Mixels fans, that will be a spiritual successor to both CAM, MR and the Mixels franchise as a whole.


Three years after the events of the I-Cubit scam, King Nixel manages to invade and take over Mixopolis with the help of a new power. With the Mixels scattered and Nixels causing havoc across Mixopolis, it's up to one small, monochrome Mixel to set out across Mixopolis to save the planet, take on the Nixel Armada, and unite all Mixel tribes.


It's been three long years since the King Nixel and his army of Nixel minions scammed all of Mixopolis and managed to take over the city, before being stopped by one heroic Mixel...

Times have changed, and despite the period of peace, unity is not something to be found amongst Mixel-kind.

But after King Nixel takes over the city once more thanks to a terrifying new power, one new, monochrome Mixel sets out to save the city, discover who he is, and unite all Mixels.[1]


Mixels Unite's gameplay draws heavy inspiration from classic role-playing games such as EarthBound. The camera follows the main character, M.C., from overhead. M.C. is controlled using the directional keys and can move in eight directions. Various Mixels are found in locations on the overworld and can be interacted with and spoken to. Some Mixels give quests, while others can only be spoken to. Enemies, such as Nixels, are scattered around the overworld and activate a battle sequence when coming into contact with M.C. The battle system takes heavy inspiration from EarthBound, with your party of Mixels attacking the opponent in turns. Any two Mixels can Mix, although only a select amount have unique battle portraits. A player can escape a battle if it is not a boss encounter, although this will cost them 7 Mucks, which act as the game's currency.


Although the game has no set release date, the game will be released in nine chapters. Each chapter will focus on a specific series of Mixels and their locations in Mixopolis. Chapters 1-3 will include cousin members as playable characters, while Chapters 4-6 will have more story focus to make up for less playable Mixels.


Development of Mixels Unite began on April 8, 2019 under the codename Mixels Project.[2] Members of the Mixels fandom were brought on to help develop the game, including programmers, artists, writers, and composers. The game's Discord server was created on April 9, 2019, becoming the primary server for the game's development. The earliest development build of the game dates back to April 10, 2019[3], the same day the project was renamed to Mixels Unite.[4] On April 12, 2019, the first idea of M.C. was conceptualized.[5]

On September 22, 2019, an application form was opened for new people to join the development team after months of slow development. On November 28, 2019, a submission form was opened for users to submit their Mixels OCs as characters to potentially appear in the game. On December 6, 2019, the game's main theme, Unite, was composed.


  • This game marks the debut of Tapsy and Lewt outside of the Mixels Main Title.
  • This is the only game to feature all 81 main Mixels as playable characters.
  • The game's soundtrack features numerous remixes and recreations of past themes from various episodes and games.
    • For example, the game's main theme, Unite, is an orchestral remix of Season 1's main theme.
  • This game marks the debut of various new characters, such as M.C., Pippy, Big Boxer Joe, Tassy, Save, Fuzer, Murphy and Anglow.
  • This is the first time a Murp is shown to be unable to split, the Murp being Murphy.
  • This game introduces the N-Mixel Armada, a group of Mixels sided with the Nixels.
  • Various original characters created by people in the Mixels fandom are included in the game with permission as NPCs.
  • Numerous young Mixels, such as Camillot and Mixadel, have updated designs to reflect the three-year time skip that occurs at the beginning of the game.


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