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This is a user sandbox. As the title suggests, it is a place for working and experimenting with things so they know when they are ready for use, or sometimes they might just use it to make something for the fun of it. Please do not edit it unless you are the owner, you get permission from the owner, or you are removing any vandalism or anything that violates the policy.

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Welcome to Boogly22238's Sandbox! This is his own creative corner, where he likes to mess and toy around with editing tools and make random template edits. Don't touch anything without permission. Look around and have rad fun! Only admins and bureaucrats can edit it, but all friends feel free to copy one of the templates below onto your page!

Don't forget to make your own sandbox sometime, it's fun!

Character Templates

Series 1


Hello '"Oh, hey fellas."'

This Mixel is known as Vulk! Vulk is dim-witted but lovable. He often makes mistakes, but his even more lovable personality makes him forgiven. He also has super-hot hands, so you may want to watch out for high fives!

Flain Smirk '"You ready?"'

This Mixel is known as Flain! Proud leader of the red-hot Infernites, Flain is the smart one of the group. But when he thinks too hard, his head catches on fire. Careful!

Zorch Cookironi '"These Cookironis are crazy awesome!"'

This Mixel is known as Zorch! Zorch is a master prankster, and loves to zoom so fast that he can get away from anything. If he pranks you, you won't see anything there except a cloud of dust and smoke.


Electrorock3 '"CONTEST!"'

This Mixel is known as Krader! The super strong, tough, no-sensed might-as-well-be leader of the Cragsters, Krader can claw through any rock, and dig deep pits. He's always up to see who's the greatest dig-dig!

Mailman '"TEDDY BUTTERFLY!!!"'

This Mixel is known as Shuff! A clumsy and timid Cragster, Shuff is still a threat to Nixels living everywhere. Having a body like a living wrecking ball, he can smash through anything.

Rad Fun! Rad Fun! '"Rad Fun! Rad Fun!"'

This Mixel is known as Seismo! A shy, almost nervous Mixel. If he gets restless, he'll use his earthshaking feet to make the floor rumble. Seismo is a gentle giant.


Murp3 '"Hurry up guys, my Volt-o-Meter is reading this party super funZZZZZZZZZ!"'

This Mixel is known as Teslo! Leader of the energetic Electroids, Teslo is the lookout for his tribe. Despite being a daring and ingenious climber, he has a secret he dares not tell the others.. he's afraid of heights.

We fixed it! '"Well look at that! We fixed it!"'

This Mixel is known as Zaptor! A highly charged adrenaline junkie, Zaptor's totally up for anything. He can't control his love of Hamlogna Sandwiches, so if you've got any, keep an eye on them. And him.

When Will We Ever Need to Know That '"When will we EVER need to know THAT!?"'

This Mixel is known as Volectro! Volectro's a scatter-brained, joke loving Mixel who's been shocked one too many times. His body has the worst case of static body-cling ever! It'll stick to him- Mixels- trees- cruise ships..

Series 2


Itsdabombtobeafroaticon!Image '"It's the bomb!"'

This Mixel is known as Flurr! Flurr's the icy blue leader of the power-napping Frosticons. But unlike Slumbo and Lunk, he's always wide-awake. Despite this, Flurr's always missing the simplest things.. like an icicle right infront of his face.

Heeeeeey '"Yaaaaaaaaay!"'

This Mixel is known as Lunk! Lunk-a-dunk here is a really sleepy Mixel. What he lacks brains and grace in, he makes up for with his tenacious spirit. Watch out for his ice-cold allergies, they can freeze you--literally!

Slumbo.. '"Weeeeeeeee!"'

This Mixel is known as Slumbo! Slumbo is quite the sleepy-head when it comes to the Frosticons. He's one of the sleepiest around, and gets pretty cranky when he doesn't get enough rest. But on the bright side, he's super strong; provided he's kept awake long enough..


I got a cubit! '"I got a cubit!"'

This Mixel is known as Kraw! Kraw may be short and stout, but his ego is big and he thinks he's the smartest Mixel ever. He's also got a strategy of bouncing like an out-of-control ball to fend off Nixels!

Hey Small Mixels '"Hey there, little Mixels!"'

This Mixel is known as Balk! This Flexer can be a bit dim-witted at times, but it's all worth it. He uses his head like a rubber mallet to smash, pummel, and whop Nixels into next week! There's no better Flexer to defend the Rubberlands.

Lunk and Tentro '"We'll get there in ti-iiiiime!"'

This Mixel is known as Tentro! Originally called "Flexi", Tentro lacks confidence even though he's super strong and super flexible. He may put himself in trouble at the most inopportune times, but all he needs is some love and affection.

Fang Gang

Hamlogna... '"HAMLOGNA!"'

This Mixel is known as Jawg! Jawg is always ready to protect the other Fang Gang, and is the fierce leader. He's also pretty hungry, and loves to eat Hamlogna Sandwiches, much to Zaptor's disappointment.

Gobba with Muck '"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I've got one Muck! Now, where to spend it for eating snacks?"'

This Mixel is known as Gobba! Gobba's got one of the biggest appetites in the Mixels Land! He also has a whip-like tongue which can taste a lot of things--Gobba can even taste feelings. Sadness is very salty!

YES YES YES '"High Five!"'

This Mixel is known as Chomly! Chomly is a Fang Gangster with a big appetite, but is the worst thing to be next to at parties. Thanks to what he eats, his breath is terrible. A lethargic trash compactor, he'll eat just about anything thats not nailed down.

Series 3

Glorp Corp

Ready to play '"Alrighty Glurt! You ready to play?"'

This Mixel is known as Glomp! Glomp is the leader of the super slimy Glorp Corp. Always playing goofy games and hatching various hair-brained schemes, Glomp is none other than one of the slimiest Mixels around.

Cutie Pies '"Howdy Howdy Howdy!"'

This Mixel is known as Glurt! Glurt is the lean, green slimy machine with a hound-like appearance. He's an avid garbage collector, picking up any litter he can find. This slobbering green hound loves playing Fetch the Cubit!

Yayay! '"Yayaaay!"'

This Mixel is known as Torts! He may be the slowest of the Glorp Corp, but Torts is a slob who lives to play for thrills. Everything sticks to this turtle-like Mixel; he's your slime-hand man. Seriously!


We Must Listen '"Yes, we must listen to our ever-loving hearts!"'

This Mixel is known as Footi! Footi is very heartfelt as a Spikel. Loving to ballet-dance and slighty being in touch with his feminine side, Footi listens to his heart and encourages other Mixels to do so.

Aww Scorpi '"Awww, Scorpi, you're just the cutest wittle Mixel!!"'

This Mixel is known as Scorpi! Scorpi is just an adorable little Spikel, and a leader for his tribe. As cute as he is, he also loves sleepovers, parties and pillow-fights!

Snuzzle Wuzzle buddy '"Yeah, he's our bestest snuzzle-wuzzle buddy!"'

This Mixel is known as Hoogi! Hoogi may be slow, but he's also a curious Spikel. We don't recommend hugs from him, since he has such sharp claws! Sorry, Hoogi.


Wizwuz swag '"Amazed."'

This Mixel is known as Wizwuz! Although a junior magician's assistant, Wizwuz is still a great performer. This goofy six-legged Mixel is sure to have the audience laughing their heads off!


This Mixel is known as Magnifo! Magnifo is the serious and smart leader of the Wiztastics. This one-eyed magician hates when his shows go wrong, and they usually end up going down that path. He is still sure to make you laugh, though!

Here. '"I, have a cubit."'

This Mixel is known as Mesmo! Mesmo doesn't talk much, and is certainly the part with those expressive wizard hats on his eyes. He may be smiling or frowning, but you can't tell most of the time. Nonetheless, help him steal the show with his amazing wings!

Series 4


53BE9BF6-BAE9-4F39-BF67-2FAF37D5898E '"Just a little gas."'

This Mixel is known as Meltus! Despite his fearsome looks, Meltus is shy and kind. His allergies, which trigger whenever he leaves his habitat, causes him to spew out flaming sneezes.

M3 12 '"What did you Mix-Monkeys bring?!"'

This Mixel is known as Flamzer! Flamzer is a cute little oddball, and he's kind of tubby. Untrusting, Flamzer is a very highly dramatic Mixel and finds threats everywhere. He flees from his fears with his speed!

1E455ADF-1774-4CCF-90B3-D9819055589F '"Oo, Cupcakes!"'

This Mixel is known as Burnard! This guy finds everything hilarious, and is constantly laughing all the time, even through fear or sadness. Ironically, the best way to make him stop laughing is to tell a joke, only because he does not understand them.


Those wings.. '"That's right, mister!"'

This Mixel is known as Globert! Globert, like the other Glowkies, is a bragger who believes he can dazzle any audience. He is the tribe’s ultimate exhibitionist.

Lessay Howdy '"Well, let's head on in and say howdy."'

This Mixel is known as Vampos! Vampos is a highly energetic sports enthusiast despite his appearance, and he is also said to be very chillaxed and calm.

GlowkiesMMS '"It's about time we met our Orbiton neighbors."'

This Mixel is known as Boogly! Boogly is a very pretentious snob; NOTHING impresses him (nothing!) and he claims to other Mixels that he's done everything that there is to do in life (everything!)


3912F8FF-AF6D-4F1C-B00C-C050180161CB 'Who wants some more Crater Tots? Hot off the grill!'

This Mixel is known as Rokit! Rokit treats every task that he does as important, regardless of its actual importantness. He is easily annoyed by his tribemates not for sharing this attitude.

B59B4743-A483-4038-AC38-7337AD0FE728 'Oxy-Juice, Oxy-Juice!'

This Mixel is known as Nurp-Naut! Nurp-Naut has two personalities: his two-eyed side has the mind of an innocent toddler, while his cyclops side has the mind of a wise elder. The latter side is very smart, but Nurp-Naut suffers from forgetfulness that hinders these abilities.

60FE8FCD-0DC9-49EE-80F7-893F361F460D 'Yo.'

This Mixel is known as Niksput! Despite being charming and having a high brovado, has a slow mind. He has the tendency to say that he is up for anything, but only realizing too late about the consequences of his actions and ends up terrified in the end.

Nixels Templates

Hahaha NIX '"Hahahahahahaha! NIX!"'

NIX! These crazy creatures are known as Nixels! As such, the number of their ways to annoy you has no end. Led by Major Nixel, they're basically irritating as I don't know what. Seriously, why do they have to nix our fun?

Other Templates and Other stuff

Mixel interface


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