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Boogly22238 has once been the Mixel of the Month! Cheers for them!

Mailman.png '"TEDDY BUTTERFLY!!!"'

This Mixel is known as Shuff! A clumsy and timid Cragster, Shuff is still a threat to Nixels living everywhere. Having a body like a living wrecking ball, he can smash through anything.

GlowkiesMMS.png '"It's about time we met our Orbiton neighbors."'

This Mixel is known as Boogly! Boogly is a very pretentious snob; NOTHING impresses him (nothing!) and he claims to other Mixels that he's done everything that there is to do in life (everything!)

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Joined Wiki April 2014
Age ?
Tribe Bots
Wiki Position Bureaucrat/Administrator
Gender Male
Likes Wikia, LEGO, art, food, sleep
Dislikes No sleep, no food, being broke
Quote "No limits apply here -- not even the sky."

Hi! I'm Boogly22238, originally Shuff22238; but it's still me! I like LEGO a lot, and all the themes like Ninjago, BIONICLE, Hero Factory, Atlantis, Ultra Agents (and Chima, for pieces), and many more! I also like to draw, make pixel art, color, paint, and animate. I can edit templates, but I'm nowhere near making them. But I'm fine where I'm at right now, and glad to be a bureaucrat!

Check out my Sandbox when you get a chance!


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