aka Chuck

  • I live in Bird Island
  • I was born on November 28
  • My occupation is Being an Angry Birds fan
  • I am Mail


Mixel-Collecting History (all bought with my money)

Febuary-April 2014: I got my first 2 Mixels, Flain and Krader, then the rest of the Infernites, Cragsters, and Volectro and Teslo, then finally in April, Zaptor

May 2014- I got my first series 2 Mixels, Lunk and Jawg, then later on in the month, I got the rest of series 2

August 2014- I got my first series 3 Mixel, Hoogi, later on in the same week I got him, I got 2 more each day until I got them

January-March 2015- I got my first series 4 Mixels, Nurp-Naut and Flamzer, then I had trouble finding the rest of them, but by March, I finally finished it with Burnard, Vampos, and Niksput

May 2015- I got and completed series 5 in the same day, pretty much self-explanatory

September 2015- Same thing as series 5, got all of series 6 in one day!          

January 2016- I got series 7 in one day, again!          

Stuff you should know about me

  • I don't like mean people
  • I am a Lego collector
  • I am slightly overweight (lol)
  • I am 13 years old
  • I am somtimes quirky (DERP)
  • I care for animals

Stuff I like

  • Angry Birds
  • Super Mario
  • Kirby
  • Pikmin
  • Mixels
  • Yo-Kai Watch
  • Garfield
  • Being nice
  • My dog, Odie
  • Star Wars
  • And so much more......

  The other places I'm in

  • DeviantArt- BirdyMixel1
  • Roblox-birdypig                       

My Favorite Mixels    

  • Infernites- Vulk
  • Electroids- Volectro
  • Cragsters- Shuff
  • Frosticons- Flurr
  • Fang Gang- Gobba
  • Flexers- Tentro
  • Glorp Corp- Torts
  • Spikels- Scorpi
  • Wiztastics- Wizwuz
  • Orbitons- Nurp-Naut
  • Glowkies- Globert
  • Infernite Cousins- Burnard
  • Klinkers- Gox
  • Lixers- Spugg
  • Frosticon Cousins- Snoof
  • Weldos- Kramm
  • Munchos- Vaka-Waka
  • Glorp Corp Cousins- Dribbal
  • MCPD- Tiketz
  • Mixies- Trumpsy 
  • Medivals- Paladum
  • MCFD- Hydro
  • Pyrratz- Lewt
  • Medix- Skrubz
  • Newzers- Screeno
  • Nindjas- Cobrax
  • Trashoz- Gobbol

My OC Jetzy

Jetzy is a Klinker Mixel who has a jetpack and he can fly too! He also resembles Zorch
Jetzy Vector

Personallity- Jetzy is a energetic, sarcastic, and teenageish fyling Mixel. He would sometimes fix up a mischevious scheme to avoid "old timey' work. But he is always happy to be with his relatives!

Likes- Goofing off, his Klinker relatives and brothers, Weenieburgers, his jetpack, schemes, the Mixies, dreaming to be a Mixie

Dislikes- Nixels, work, Gox (sometimes) , losing his jetpack, celery, Kuffs, being uncool, Surgeo, Munchos eating everything

Quote- "I BELIVE I CAN FLY!!!!!", "Can I be a Mixie?", 'Oh Scnixel!", "Mmmmmmm! Weenieburgers!", "NOT SURGEO!!!!!"

Now here's a taste of DERP

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