aka undertale crack compilation

  • I live in the morgz mansion
  • I was born on January 18
  • My occupation is keeping this green bird icon forever
  • I am purple

Welcome to the page of a user who's made way more mistakes than he wants to admit on this wikia. I'm not like that anymore thankfully, but here's to hoping if this wikia ever becomes relevant again I can start over 

Favorite Mixels

Infernites (2014): Flain

Cragsters: Shuff

Electroids: Zaptor

Frosticons: Lunk (He needs more fans. :(.)

Fang Gang: Tough one. Maybe Jawg or Gobba

Flexers: Tentro

Glorp Corp: Tough one. Maybe Glurt, or Torts.

Spikels: Footi

Wiztastics: Wizwuz.

Orbitons: Originally Nurp-Naut (Nurp More.). Now Rokit.

Infernites (2015): Burnard

Glowkies: Vampos

Klinkers: Jinky

Frosticons 2015: Snoof

Lixers: Spugg

Weldos: Forx

Glorp Corp (2015): Gurggle

Munchos: Berp.

Favorite mixels from series.

Series 1: Flain

Series 2: Lunk

Series 3: Wizwuz maybe

Series 4: Rokit

Series 5: snoof

Series 6: Berp

My Photo Gallery

Slimy Adventure Poster

Creative Corner Fanfictions I made

P.s. I might make most of my fanfics about maxing.

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