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Hi! I'm Addycakes!

I call it Bogo.png Bogo!

Matau has given you a Bogo. Bogos are given to awesome users. Enjoy your pet. Put this on your userpage to show you got a bogo!

SEISMO GREATEST DIG-DIG.png "Me greatest Dig Dig."

This Mixel is known as Seismo! Seismo, despite his tough appearance, is a gentle giant and is shy and timid. He lacks intelligence but makes up for it with his strength.

Flain Smirk.jpg "You ready?"

This Mixel is known as Flain! Proud leader of the red-hot Infernites, Flain is the smart one of the group. But when he thinks too hard, his head catches on fire. Careful!

We fixed it!.jpg "Well look at that! We fixed it!"

This Mixel is known as Zaptor! A highly charged adrenaline junkie, Zaptor's totally up for anything. He can't control his love of Hamlogna Sandwiches, so if you've got any, keep an eye on them. And him.

Itsdabombtobeafroaticon!Image.jpg "It's the bomb!"

This Mixel is known as Flurr! He is the leader of the power-napping Frosticons. But unlike his brothers, he's always wide-awake. Despite this, Flurr's always missing the simplest things, like an icicle right infront of his face.

I used it a long time ago.png "The Cubit? Ha-hahah-ha! I used it a long time ago!"

This Mixel is known as Gobba! He is a Fang Gang member with a super set of taste buds. His tongue gives him an incredible sense of taste that is amazingly accurate.

This is the worst.png "This is the worst Mixel Festival, EVER!"

This Mixel is known as Kraw! Kraw is a very smart Mixel, claiming to be the smartest Mixel out there. He also loves to stretch and bounce.

Here..jpg "Well aren't you the helpful Mixel!"

This Mixel is known as Torts! Torts is a slow-moving, cheerful Mixel that enjoys running around and goofing off.

73964FF7-0209-4C0D-8C26-28B488A16050.PNG "I'm allergic."

This Mixel is known as Meltus! Meltus is a shy and kind Mixel with serious allergies that trigger upon leaving the Magma Wastelands.

Me as a Seismo!
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