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An untitled episode may have been produced for the first season of Mixels. This episode's existence can be proven through an unused score track by Kevin Manthei.[1]


Impromptu jam session attracts the attention of a new tribe.[2]


  • The synopsis of this episode was leaked on Zap2it when it was accidentally placed under Mixed Up Special's listing. Due to the timing of its discovery however, it was initially believed to be a description for the then-next special Every Knight Has Its Day because of Series 7 introducing a music-themed tribe.
  • In production order, it is likely that this would have been the last Series 1 short, as the synopsis is a likely hint that it would have been the first episode to include Series 2 Mixels (as opposed to "Wrong Colors").
  • Clips from this episode may have been used in the Cartoon Network Studios logo for Mixels, specifically where Vulk shouts the word "remix."
    • Evidence to support this stems from the fact that other Cartoon Network shows use clips from their episodes in their variation of the Cartoon Network Studios logo, like Adventure Time or Regular Show.
    • In addition, a short amount of music from 02A-D Music Suite can be heard when Vulk spins the mixer.
  • It is possible footage from Vincenzo Zumpano's animation demo reel may have been used in the episode.

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