Tuxedo Club
Opposites attract
To the right
Inhabitants None
Visitors Lunk
Features Snow

The Tuxedo Club (taglines Chill, Blizzard, and FROST bite) is a location in Mixopolis, themed after the Frosticons. Not much is known about it other than the fact that the Frosticons may hang out here.


  • It is most likely named after the fact that penguins' coloration makes them look like they wear a tuxedo.
  • The design of the club in the series proper has some changes, including the penguin sign omitting the club name, snowflakes replacing "Blizzard", and a second snowman taking place of the "FROST bite" font. Part of the "Chill" sign is cropped off, while the "Cold Feet" sign is removed entirely, replaced by a window.


TV series

Season 2

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