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The Trashoz are a Mixel tribe in Mixels. They are green, yellow, black and grey in color, and are based on city sanitation.


Keep the streets of Mixopolis trash-free with the Trashoz tribe. Help Gobbol, Sweepz and Compax tackle the trash before it takes over!



Image Name Description
Gobbolcartoon.png Gobbol A living dumpster who can take care of gulping big amounts of garbage with his double-mouth and can talk really intelligent without saying something rubbish.
Sweepzcartoon.png Sweepz A member with two brushes as his fists and a broom as his tail who can clean the streets quickly but gets easily distracted by showing off.
Compaxcartoon.png Compax An enthusiastic, garbage guzzling member who can crunch garbage, even cars with his two shovels as his hands.


Image Name Description
TrashoSquiddobyZT20.png Rubersh A Background Trasho who shares the same model with Squiddo.
Lideye A Background Trasho.


  • Their tribe name is a play on the word "trash".
  • They all have six letters in their names.
  • Like the Fang Gang and Munchos, they seem to have large appetites.
  • Out of all of the primary tribes from each respective series that were introduced in the four specials (Orbitons, Klinkers, Weldos, MCPD, MCFD and them), they have the least amount of screen-time. In fact, they have the least amount of any tribe in the series, and are the only tribe in the entire series not to have any speaking roles (excluding the Lixers).



The Trashoz, for the most part, appear to be homeless. Their habitat is not a true one; merely being back alleyways of Mixopolis that they stash the garbage they collect.

They have been seen sleeping in the alleys and a Breaking News report mentioned that they had gone without a roof over their heads for weeks on end, until they found a small and abandoned house that they currently reside in.


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