Torts & Mesmo Mix
Torts-Mesmo Mix.png
Cartoon Appearances Murp Romp
Primary Mixel Torts
Secondary Mixel Mesmo
Purpose To catch the Scorpi & Glurt Murp (Murp Romp)
Ability Can fly around with magic, and shoots lots of slime with his wizard hat

The second Torts & Mesmo Mix is a Mix that made his debut in Murp Romp.

Physical Appearance

The Mix has a purple, semi-circular bottom with Torts' body coming out and Mesmo's wings replacing Torts' slime. Replacing Torts' two antenna is one of Mesmo's wizard hats with slime coming out of the top. At the bottom of the body is a cloud of blue magic.


Murp Romp

Mesmo offered to help Torts catch the Scorpi & Glurt Murp. The two Mixed and chased the Murp along the rafters of the Magic Tent, eventually catching it and falling into Magnifo's magic hat when the rafter snapped.


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