Beat the heat

      An infernite mixel walked around Mixopolis and does his beatboxing. He was a beatboxing champion in Mixopolis and kept competing other beatboxers.

      Eventually he saw Jamzy, who was beatboxing in a calm manner. The mixel challenged Jamzy to a beatbox battle, the mixel beatboxed really fast and has whooshing and some sounds a voice can't do. Jamzy was already getting started and beatbox with movements followed by the sounds he made. The champ was unmatched, he was talking as he beatboxes. Jamzy lost in embarassment, the champ recieved cubits from the audience for a reward, Jamzy needs help. 

      He talked to Tapsy for support, he can understsnd Tapsy's language due to practice. Tapsy has a 2 secrets. First is that he was a champion until the infernite mixel beat him and was retired. Second is that he has many advantages to win, but since Tapsy was retired he gave the opportunity to Jamzy.

      He's out for a rematch to the mixel, the mixel start off first and beatboxed like he was used to. Jamzy's first advantage is singing while beatboxing, it caught the audience attention and had a small chance to win. The mixel doubled the difficulty of his beatboxing, Jamzy felt confident. Jamzy's second is to bring out his cubit yoyo to make tricks, the beats he made match the timing of the cubit yoyo landing strings, the audience's attention is doubled. The mixel got frustrated and beatboxed like he never done before. Jamzy's final advantange is doing the fastest beatboxing, cubit yoyo tricks, rapping, and ends with a backflip as he suggested from his rap. Jamzy won and became champ.

      The mixel escaped and revealed himself as a nixel with a speaker. Everyone was screaming and scattered all over the place. Jamzy called his friends and mix with them. The mix defeated the nixel and returned all the cubits to the mixels. Jamzy realized since he found out the champ was actually a nixel, Tapsy is still the champ. He was a champ until the nixel beated him, the nixel used a speaker, he gave the advantages to Jamzy. Tapsy was still a champ all along. The next day, Tapsy stopped his retirement and kept beatboxing all thanks to Jamzy.

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